Lil Wayne has never forgotten “Uncle Bob,” the ex-New Orleans police officer who saved his life when he tried to end his life at the age of 12.

If Robert Hoobler ever needs him, the rapper will be there to help him no matter what he needs.

Not long ago, the artist confided in this dark episode of his life during an episode of Uncomfortable Conversation with Emmanuel Acho, revealing to have voluntarily shot himself in the chest with the firm intention of ending it.

Robert Hoobler then rescued him, refusing to let him succumb to his injury.

As the ambulance did not arrive, the officer had taken him to the emergency room himself in his official vehicle.

For years, Lil Wayne had pretended it had been an accident.

Return the favour

Interviewed by TMZ, Robert Hoobler confirmed seeing Lil Wayne again in 2019 when he was in his hometown for a radio show.

It was on this occasion that the rapper offered him financial support, if he ever needed it.

The retiree explains that he refused this generous offer, but he could well return to the job market.

There is talk of joining the artist's team to perform administrative tasks.

Before finding his benefactor, Lil Wayne had sung his praises in his 2015 title

London Roads

, persuaded then that Uncle Bob was no longer of this world.


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