Why is it so difficult to get rid of belly fat?..a fitness expert who answers

Exercise helps in losing weight and increasing muscle strength

Fitness expert Carolina Corsi-Pereira considered that stubborn fat in the abdominal area, which causes a crisis for many, can be overcome through proper exercise and proper diet.

The Director of Fitness at Fitness First added, “Many people go to the gym or are not sure what to do about the best exercises, how to do them, set personal fitness goals, or create an ideal exercise program.

Carolina indicated that one of the most important questions asked as a fitness coach is: Why is it so difficult to lose belly fat? She considers that «genetically, the composition of our bodies is predisposed to retain a certain amount of fat in the abdominal area, so that the necessary fat can be obtained in emergency cases. For this reason, some stubborn fat in the abdominal area is essential to our lives, but unfortunately, programming our bodies in this way facilitates the growth of belly fat, and makes it difficult to get rid of it. However, proper exercise and proper diet help achieve the desired changes.”

Is morning exercise better for quick results?.. Another common question that the trainer answers: “There is no scientific evidence that exercising in the morning helps achieve or notice results faster than exercising in the afternoon or evening.

It is recommended to exercise at a time that suits each person and his body, as changes in the body can be noticed, no matter what time you choose to exercise.”

Regarding the best exercises for quick results, Carolina explained that “full and strong body movements such as squats, sudden weightlifting, planks and pull-ups, in addition to intense exercises at intervals, are the ideal equation to get a great body, as these exercises help in losing weight. Weight and muscle strength.

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