In May, a Japanese cargo ship collided with a foreign-registered ship in the Seto Inland Sea off the coast of Ehime Prefecture, and one body was found inside the ship.

The Japan Coast Guard will contain the bodies and proceed with confirmation of their identities.

In May, a Japanese cargo ship "White Tiger" collided with a foreign-registered chemical tanker near the Kurushima Strait northwest of Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, and the cargo ship sank, killing one crew member and 2 I didn't know where the person was.

According to the Imabari Coast Guard, on the 20th, a company that was working to drain oil from a cargo ship that sank in an accident reported that it had "discovered one body."

After 9 am on the 21st, a diver entered the sinking ship upside down, found the body in the engine room, and contained it.

The Japan Coast Guard will proceed with confirmation as either the captain or the first engineer who is missing.

Since fuel oil remained on the sunken cargo ship, work was being carried out from last month to remove the oil so that it would not cause major damage such as leaking into the surrounding sea area.