At around 23:50 on August 19, a roof fall accident occurred at a working face of Qingshuiying Coal Mine of Ningxia Coal Company, National Energy Group, and 4 people were trapped in the accident.

The four trapped were Wu (squad leader, comprehensive excavator driver, age 33), Mu (roadway digging and masonry, comprehensive excavator assistant driver, age 28), and Bi (roadway digging and masonry, age 28). 27 years old), Ding Mou (roadway digging masonry, age 28 years old).

  The current situation:

  At 8:13 pm on August 20, the four people were trapped for 20 hours. The rescuers used drill pipes to drill through the life-saving holes for transporting food, and delivered solid food such as ham sausage to the trapped people through the holes.

Food was delivered for the second time at 8:40 pm on August 20.

At present, the trapped area has a good ventilation system, water and food, and the basic survival of the trapped people is guaranteed.

  Today (21st) around 7:00, the trapped people passed out a note through the food delivery hole. The note stated that they were in good physical condition. Thank the rescuers and workers for their rescue.

  As of 8:00 today, the rescue channel has been excavated about 13 meters, and it is estimated that there will be about 17 meters. The overall progress is stable, and the rescue channel may be dug ahead of schedule.

(CCTV reporter Wang Jingfang, Niu Qiaogang, Tao Pengfei, Fu Bowen, Xu Sheng, Yinchuan station, Bao Chenglong) Zhou Zhongqing, Wang Tao, Shi Yaxiong, Li Zhiqing, Xia Hanbo)