China News Service, Zhengzhou, August 21 (Wang Dengfeng) In response to the forecast of the regional heavy rainfall weather process that occurred from the night of August 21 to the day of August 23, at 12 o'clock on the 21st, Henan Province initiated a flood prevention level II emergency response.

Following this, many cities in the province have issued response measures such as suspension of work, suspension of school, suspension of operation, suspension of production, and transfer of people to prevent the risk of heavy rainfall.

  Forecasts from the Henan Meteorological Bureau show that from the night of August 21 to the day of August 23, there will be a regional heavy rainfall process in Henan Province from west to east, with the highest local cumulative precipitation or 400 millimeters.

  According to the latest meteorological data monitoring and analysis, before August 23, the precipitation in northern Henan and the northern part of central part of Henan was significantly more than that, and there were two heavy precipitation weather processes, of which there were heavy rains along the Yellow River and northern areas on the 22nd.

There were heavy rains and heavy rains in the area north of the Huai River, and local heavy rains in the areas north of the Yellow River and Zhengzhou and Kaifeng were accompanied by strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and gales.

Cumulative precipitation during the process: 60-120 mm for most of the north of the Huaihe River, 150-180 mm for some parts of the central north, and 250-400 mm for the local area.

  In view of the heavy rainfall in late July that caused major disasters in some areas of Henan Province, post-disaster reconstruction is currently being actively carried out; The prevention and response work during the round of heavy rainfall and the consolidation of the results of post-disaster reconstruction. According to the relevant provisions of the "Henan Provincial Flood Control Emergency Plan", the Henan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters decided to start the flood control level II emergency response at 12 o'clock on August 21.

  Subsequently, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Kaifeng, Shangqiu, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo and other places have initiated flood control level II emergency response, and issued notices to the general public to clarify countermeasures to prevent unknown risks that may be caused by this round of heavy rainfall.

  Zhengzhou requires people responsible for flood control at all levels to arrive at their posts immediately, to pre-set emergency rescue teams and flood control materials in advance to prevent death; take timely measures such as suspension of work, suspension of business, suspension of school, suspension of operation, suspension of classes, suspension of production, etc., and timely closure of underground spaces and bridges and culverts , Tunnels, recessed interchanges; resolutely organize mass transfers when necessary; remind citizens not to go out during periods of heavy rainfall, and stay away from dangerous areas such as rivers, reservoirs, mountain torrents, and geological disasters.

  Xinzheng City requested that from 18:00 on August 21 to 12:00 on August 23, the city shall take emergency avoidance measures. Except for emergency rescue and people's livelihood protection personnel, the city shall suspend work, classes, production, business, and operations.

Enterprises that cannot temporarily suspend work or production due to special reasons must report to the Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters in a timely manner, and take emergency precautions.

  Anyang City notified that before 18:00 on August 21, underground shopping malls should be closed and personnel evacuated; people living in dangerous areas such as mountain torrent geological disaster areas, dangerous reservoirs, downstream tailings reservoirs, low-lying flood-prone areas, etc. All transfers will be made before 18:00 on August 21; all scenic spots will be closed, dangerous roads will be closed, and traffic control in areas near mountains and rivers and low-lying flood-prone areas will be strengthened to ensure the safety of people’s lives; living in dangerous houses is forbidden, and those who have been identified as dangerous It is necessary to resolutely organize the transfer and resettlement of the masses; no people shall be allowed to live in dilapidated houses without safety identification in the flood storage and detention area.

  Kaifeng City issued a notice stating that underground passages and culverts are forbidden to pass through during periods of heavy rainfall; no people will be left in dilapidated houses; except for supermarkets and shops that guarantee daily necessities, all stores along the street will be closed before 24:00 on August 21 , According to the rain conditions, it will not be open until 12 o'clock on the 23rd in principle.

The official also reminded citizens not to go out unless necessary during periods of heavy rainfall.

  The reporter also learned that on the afternoon of the 21st, many residential property companies in Zhengzhou issued notices to inform owners to complete the early transfer of vehicles in the underground space before 6 pm, and that personnel should not stay in the basement and take effective measures to prevent floods.