On the first weekend after the area covered by the state of emergency was expanded, there were not as many tourists as usual in the tourist spots of Kyoto City, and some shops were closed.

Seven prefectures such as Kyoto and Hyogo will be added to the target areas of the state of emergency from the 20th of this month, and the 21st will be the first weekend.

Around Kiyomizu-dera in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, which is usually crowded with tourists, the city's parking lot was closed during the declaration period, and souvenir shops and restaurants that were temporarily closed were conspicuous.

A male graduate student from Nagasaki Prefecture said, "I came to Kyoto because I had something to do, but I had more time than I had imagined, but I have the impression that there are fewer people than I had imagined. Be careful because the infection is spreading. I'm turning around. "

The souvenir shop, which has been operating near Kiyomizu-dera for over 200 years, said that the number of visitors decreased as the declaration approached, and the day before, only three umbrellas were sold.

Hidemin Oi, the owner of the shop, said, "I think it's rude to the customers who visit when I close the shop, but it's tough. Also, an emergency declaration was issued until the 12th of next month, and I wonder if it will continue in the future. I'm worried. "