Unscrupulous man married 5 women for 30 years

  Use the "time difference" to register with different women separately and was sentenced twice for bigamy

  Da Yue Yan Chunxu

  On August 16, 2021, Xuzhou man Hou was convicted of bigamy and was a repeat offender. The court finally sentenced Hou to one year in prison.

Surprisingly, the verdict revealed the truth that Hou had received marriage certificates with 5 women in 30 years and was sentenced twice for bigamy.

Recently, Hou’s fourth wife Liu Hong (pseudonym) and fifth wife Li Juan (pseudonym) disclosed to reporters their experience of being deceived by Hou through the Yangtze Evening News 110 hotline, hoping to help expose Hou through the Yangtze Evening News platform. Certain unscrupulous behavior, and reminded the majority of sisters to keep their eyes open when looking for happiness.

Ziniu News trainee reporter Da Yue Yan Chunxu Photo courtesy of interviewees

  Use the "time difference" to marry the fourth and fifth wives

  On July 27, 2021, 50-year-old Hou Mou was prosecuted by the People’s Procuratorate of Shunyi District, Beijing for bigamy.

On August 16, the court determined that Hou's behavior constituted the crime of bigamy and was a repeat offender, so he was severely punished in accordance with the law.

In view of Hou who truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty after arriving at the case, he was eventually sentenced to one year in prison.

  Recently, as the victims of this case, Hou’s fourth wife Liu Hong and fifth wife Li Juan received a criminal verdict from the People’s Court of Shunyi District, Beijing.

According to the verdict, in April 2013, Hou registered his marriage with his fourth wife Liu Hong in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Pei County, Jiangsu Province, and was divorced by the People's Court of Pei County in April 2020.

However, in February 2019, during the existence of Liu Hong and Hou's marriage, Hou and Li Juan registered their marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shunyi District, Beijing.

  Liu Hong told the Ziniu News reporter that in 2013, the two met and fell in love at work. Before that, Hou only told her that he had divorced once and had a daughter.

"I didn't know that I was deceived until the third wife sued him." Liu Hong told the Ziniu News reporter that Hou Mou and a woman surnamed Cen (second wife) registered their marriage in Guangxi after changing her name in 2005, and in 2009 , Hou concealed his marriage to Cen and registered his marriage with Zhang (the third wife) in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Pei County.

The third wife Zhang took Hou to court after discovering that he was deceived. In 2016, Hou was sentenced to one year in prison for bigamy.

  Why can I still register for marriage when I am married?

Liu Hong only figured out afterwards that Hou was mainly taking advantage of the time difference.

"In 2013, although Hou and his third wife Zhang were still in a valid marriage relationship, he used the divorce mediation agreement with his second wife to register my marriage with me."

  Liu Hong said that he and Hou were married in 2013 and their children were only one year old when Hou was imprisoned for bigamy in 2016. "I was still holding the idea that he could live a good life together after he came out, and continue to work with him. Maintained a marriage relationship.” Unexpectedly, soon after Hou was released from prison, he fell in love with Li Juan, a Beijing woman, and the two lived together in Xuzhou for a period of time.

In January 2019, Hou filed for divorce from Liu Hong.

In February of the same year, Hou repeated the old tricks, using his third wife's divorce mediation paper and divorce certificate to register his marriage with Li Juan at the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shunyi District, Beijing.

  Except for the fact that gender is true, age, education, marriage history, etc. are all false

  "Except for the real sex, age, education, marriage history, family status, etc. are all false." Hou’s fifth wife, Li Juan, told the Ziniu News reporter that in 2017, she and Hou sang online in the group. After getting acquainted, Hou Mou added her as a friend and expressed that he wanted to make friends.

  According to Li Juan, Hou told her that she had had two marriages. The first marriage was designated by her parents. He disagreed, and his father beat him, so he was forced to get married and his ex-wife had a boy.

"Hou said that this boy was not his own, but that the first wife gave birth to someone else after cheating, and then divorced." Li Juan recalled that Hou told her that the second wife had the problem when her daughter was 1 year old. Breast cancer passed away.

"Hou said that he has been single these years, and now his 10-year-old daughter is staying in Nanjing to be taken care of by his brother and sister-in-law." Hou also said that his mother had cancer in the first two years, and he spent several million yuan on imported medicines to treat his mother. .

Although she took care of her, her mother eventually passed away.

At that time, Li Juan thought in her heart that being so good to the elderly is certainly not bad to others.

  At that time, Hou was very simple and steady in Li Juan's eyes, "Speaking very shy, I think he is very simple, steady, and unassuming. He should be a person who can live a good life."

  On June 1, 2017, Hou drove a red car to Beijing to find Li Juan. Afterwards, Li Juan learned that the car was Hou’s third wife.

On June 3, Li Juan followed Hou to live with her hometown of Jing'an Town, Pei County, Xuzhou City.

But after a short time in her life, she received a strange look from the locals, "They all looked at me with a very surprised look. At the time, I didn't realize the seriousness of the problem." A month later, a woman came to her door. He took out the clothes in the closet and threw them on the ground, and also snatched the car keys.

Li Juan thought that these were just disputes between Hou and his ex-wife, so she and Hou proposed to change their residence, but did not think that she was in the complicated multiple marriage relationship of Hou.

  "Looking back now, I realized that I was really confused all these years, and I was deceived by him." Li Juan said with emotion.

  No income after marriage, borrow money from wife for various reasons

  Li Juan recalled that Hou told her that in addition to the house she lived in Jing'an Town, Pei County, she also had two apartments in Xuzhou City. One was rented out and the other was unfurnished.

Li Juan said at the time, just put on a dress, as long as you can live.

But Hou said for various reasons that he had no money, so Li Juan borrowed money from his mother for renovations.

But she didn't know that this house was bought by Hou Mou and his fourth wife Liu Hong on a loan during their marriage. "Later, I learned that his fourth wife Liu Hong was still repaying the house loan."

  As promised to Liu Hong, Hou also promised to Li Juan that he would be responsible for earning money after marriage.

At first, Li Juan was very happy when she heard it, but after a while she realized something was wrong, "He has no income, and even the usual eating and drinking is a problem. When there is no money, I let me use the online platform to borrow money, saying that I will pay it back later. Give it to me. In fact, this is a pit. The money my mother lent me is put into my account, and all his purchases are paid out of my account." Li Juan has no money in her hands, and her mother plans Sell ​​a house in Beijing and buy a small house in a slightly remote place to raise some money for the two to do business.

  According to Li Juan, Hou used various excuses to take away about 600,000 yuan from her and her mother in these years.

While Hou’s father was ill and was hospitalized, he borrowed money from her on the grounds of seeing his father. He also borrowed money on the grounds that his daughter paid tuition at an international school in Nanjing.

  In April 2019, Hou told Li Juan that he was still in another marriage.

Later, Li Juan filed for divorce and demanded that the loan be returned as soon as possible, but Hou refused to repay the loan for a long time.

Li Juan said that her mother was in urgent need of money to see a doctor.

In January 2020, Li Juan reported to the Beijing police. In May of the same year, Hou was arrested in Xuzhou.

  Li Juan told reporters that although Hou was sentenced, their marital relationship still exists, and she will continue to file for divorce and dissolve her marriage relationship with this unscrupulous man.