By the end of July, it was found that more than 420 venues had canceled the occupational vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine because the vaccine did not arrive even after the government accepted the application.

In terms of the number of people inoculated, it is equivalent to about 3.1 million people, and the number of withdrawals is increasing.

The national government has been accepting applications for occupational inoculation since June, targeting companies and universities that can inoculate about 1,000 people, and has received applications for a total of approximately 18.2 million people from 5202 venues nationwide.

However, due to the delay in the supply of vaccines from the country, only 2408 venues and 46% of the applications were able to start vaccination by August 15.

In some venues that have not been started, the revision of the inoculation plan has made it impossible to secure staff such as doctors, and the number of people who wish to inoculate in the workplace has decreased due to the progress of inoculation by local governments. There is also a movement to cancel.

As of July 27, 427 venues have withdrawn their applications, accounting for 8% of their applications.

In terms of the number of people inoculated, it is equivalent to about 3.1 million people.

It means that the expenses associated with the withdrawal, such as the reserved doctor and cancellation fee at the venue, will not be covered.

According to the country, withdrawals are increasing, but from the end of August to the beginning of September, vaccine supply can be started at all venues where applications have been completed.

In Yamagata, there are cases where the application is withdrawn and the burden is about 4 million yen.

Some companies, such as those that have withdrawn their applications, are calling for compensation.

For occupational inoculation, it is a condition that companies and universities secure their own venues and staff.

The Yamagata Prefecture Management Association, the Yamagata Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Yamagata Keizai Doyukai jointly applied for occupational vaccination on June 24, contracted with a contractor who manages reservations, and secured staff such as doctors. I did.

We planned to start vaccination from August 16th for about 5,100 people, including employees of member companies, by renting a university auditorium, but even on July 30th, there was no contact from the government. It also means that the timing of vaccine supply was not indicated.

If the inoculation is delayed, the maintenance cost of the venue and staff will increase accordingly, so we withdrew the application, but we have to bear a total of about 4 million yen including cancellation fee.

Tetsuto Tan, Managing Director of the Yamagata Prefecture Management Association, said, "I really felt that the ladder had been removed. Since the government has been promoting occupational inoculation so much, I request that you respond in the form of compensation. I'm also considering that. "