Chinanews client, Beijing, August 19 (Zuo Yukun) Spicy pot, tomato pot, mushroom soup pot, three fresh pot... friends who love hot pot are no strangers to these flavors of pot bottoms.

Have you ever thought about trying the fruity pot bottom?

  According to the "China Food and Beverage Yearbook 2020", the ingredient hot pot includes fish hot pot, beef hot pot, lamb hot pot, chicken hot pot, seafood hot pot, pork hot pot, frog hot pot, mushroom hot pot, mixed hot pot with ingredients, etc.

At present, most of the hot pot restaurants on the market are slightly modified on the basis of these traditional pot bottoms.

In the upper right corner is Haidilao Seabuckthorn Hot Pot.

Photo by Zuo Yukun, China News Service

  The original sour seabuckthorn has been turned into a "sour and spicy" pot bottom. On August 19, Haidilao launched the fruity hot and sour pot bottom seabuckthorn hot pot in more than 700 stores in 18 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jilin.

According to Haidilao, the sea-buckthorn hot pot selects Chinese sea-buckthorn to make the soup, and it is matched with dried fruit.

  "There are thousands of hot pot ingredients, and the taste revolves around the bottom of the pot." It is not difficult to see from this sentence in the hot pot industry that it is not easy to make a good pot bottom.

Zhou Zhaocheng, chief strategy officer of Haidilao, said that Haidilao has developed more than 200 new products in 2020, but it is not a small challenge to create a brand new bottom of the pot.

  According to the head of the Haidilao Seabuckthorn Pot R&D team, the innovation of the bottom of the pot is more difficult than the new ingredients. It is necessary to fully consider the taste needs of different consumer groups, and after repeated adjustments and experiments, a balance can be achieved in the slightest.

  "Seabuckthorn is a characteristic economic plant for combating desertification in my country's "Three North" regions. It can grow on windy dunes and reproduce on beach ravines. It is a good hand for windbreak and sand fixation and water and soil conservation. Haidilao's seabuckthorn hot pot is also responsible for it. The mission of public welfare is a beneficial attempt for the comprehensive development and utilization of seabuckthorn." Zhou Zhaocheng said.

  It is reported that Haidilao currently purchases 4.5 million tons of sea-buckthorn fruits.

Haidilao will donate a seabuckthorn tree to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for every customer consumes a whole pot (1200g) of seabuckthorn hot pot to help control desertification in Northwest China.