[Explanation] At the end of summer and early autumn, in the steep mountains and forests of Jinan, a "caravan" team consisting of 11 people and 40 mules was active.

Tuo Maimei, a "post-85" from Guangxi, is the "female gang leader" of this "caravan" team. Every day, she and her workers trek on the Zhanshan Mountain, directing 40 mules carrying sand and other building materials across the mountain road and transporting them to the mountain. .

  [Explanation] On August 18, the reporter saw a team of "caravans" shuttled back and forth between the mountains on the zigzag mountain.

At this time, Tuo Maimei was sitting on the leading mule at the forefront. She worked neatly and was no weaker than the guy in the transport team.

She said that she has been in the "caravan" business for 13 years. Because she has no culture, she can only work hard to support her family.

  [Concurrent period] Tuo Maimei, captain of the mule transport team

  We are transporting horse teams, and we have done it for 13 years this year.

People running around the country specialize in transportation. Every day they transport sand, cement, and stones to make hiking trails. You can pull whatever materials are needed on the construction site.

No school, poor academic qualifications, can't do other jobs, only do this hard work.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw a forklift, excavator and other modern machinery shuttle construction in the middle of the mountain, but on the steep mountain road closer to the top of the mountain, only the "caravan" transport team was running around.

Although it is called the "Caravan", it is mules who work hard.

According to Tuo Maimei, each mule can carry about 400 kilograms of sand or stone in one way. They have great strength, good endurance, and know the way.

  [Concurrent period] Tuo Maimei, captain of the mule transport team

  Almost we are used to walking, it walks once, it knows the height of the road, how to walk is safer, this mule is also quite smart, we came to the new construction site, the first time we took a mule, walking in front, people behind Once you rush, go the first time, you don’t have to rush the second time, it will stop by itself when you load things to the unloading place.

  [Explanation] The "Caravan" goes up the mountain every morning and afternoon, and goes down the mountain at noon and evening. It has to cross two hills in the middle. Each round trip takes nearly one and a half hours. Charges are based on weight and distance.

In Tuo Maimei's view, it is very hard work to do this business. He often walks through the mountains and rivers in dangerous places, and it is also a certain degree of danger. Bumps and bruises are commonplace.

  [Concurrent period] Tuo Maimei, captain of the mule transport team

  This is also very dangerous, because it carries a few hundred catties on its back. In case (the mule) falls, it accidentally flashes to the waist or to the feet. When it goes uphill, it falls backwards and people are not careful. It will also knock people down. In this regard, we must (pay attention to) safety. We are working hard and unsafe to do this.

  [Explanation] Yao Xiulong, who is nearly 40 years old, has been in the industry for more than 20 years. His hometown is in the mountainous area of ​​Guangxi. Living conditions are difficult. Being a "caravan" transportation can bring considerable income.

  [Concurrent] Yao Xiulong, a member of the mule transport team

  My family’s conditions are poor, and in high mountain areas, I went out to work in this industry and worked until this time.

Men must be the main labor force, while women are the handle.

At this level, I also want to change industries, and I am afraid that I cannot find anything to do, and I am afraid that children are waiting to spend money, and I am afraid that they cannot find money to delay their studies and affect their future.

  [Explanation] The members of the "Caravan" spend the whole year on the outside with meals and sleep, earning hard money, but they think that they can rely on this to have a stable income for their children to study and support the elderly. They feel that the hardship is worth it.

Because they are not at home all the year round, most of the children have become left-behind children. They hope to create better learning and living conditions for the children through their hard work.

It is understood that according to the current construction progress, this "caravan" transport team will stay on the Jinan Mountain for two months. After the project is completed, they will go to another city to challenge the next mountain.

  Yang Feiliang reports from Jinan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】