Commenting on the rainy weather in Moscow, the expert explained that this was due to the passage of the atmospheric front.

“This is an atmospheric front, then another one, in such a chain ... The cyclone itself is located in the Baltic region, moving eastward, towards Arkhangelsk and Murmansk.

The spiral at the cyclone is twisting counterclockwise, the front along Moscow catches us.

Today and tomorrow more (there will be rains. -



We hope that all this will be over by Friday, ”said the forecaster.

As noted by Tsygankov, "the anomalous July heat slowly turns into normal weather." 

He added that the temperature that was observed yesterday and today for August is 7 ° C higher than the climatic norm.

“Tomorrow it will be cloudy with clearings, intermittent rains and thunderstorms in places.

Friday - partly cloudy and no precipitation.

On Saturday and Sunday - with clearings, light rains ... On Monday and Tuesday, light rain too.

Tomorrow - +22 ... + 24 ° С, on Friday - +24 ... + 26 ° С, on Saturday - +22 ... + 24 ° С, on Sunday - from +19 to + 24 ° С, on Monday - +17 to + 22 ° С, tentatively on Tuesday - +16 ... + 21 ° С - normal August temperature, ”the interlocutor of RT concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow recommended that restaurants and cafes close summer verandas in connection with the predicted bad weather in the capital.