When the rapper Bushido wanted to part with his manager, clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker, he didn't just seek help from the police.

He also turned to the member of a much larger clan: Ashraf Rammo, whom the rapper Massiv once called "Berlin's Marlon Brando" in a song.

He is waging the “war with Arafat” legally, Bushido said in an interview with Stern magazine in 2018.

"But there are completely different things going on on the street that nobody talks about to the police." That's why he needs the help of Rammo.

Kevin Hanschke


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The music manager is - despite a different spelling - one of the many brothers of Issa Remmo, who is considered the head of the notorious family. Bushido's wife said in an interview at the end of 2018: "If it weren't for Ashraf, something would have happened to us long ago." One night in the previous summer, Abou-Chaker's café had been shot at. In search of the murder weapon, the police also stormed Rammo's apartment, nothing was found. On Instagram, Rammo then accused Abou-Chaker of sending the police to him, even though he had nothing to do with the shots.

Since Monday, Rammo has been testifying in the major trial against Abou-Chaker in Berlin, who is said to have threatened, insulted, imprisoned and injured Bushido in the course of the separation.

Bushido approached him in 2017 and told him that he wanted to part with Abou-Chaker, said Rammo.

From June 2018 to January 2019, he supported the rapper and received a twelve percent share of the music income, and another eight percent went to a mutual friend.

"Abou-Chaker and I were at odds"

At a meeting between Abou-Chaker and Bushido, he was never present, said Rammo. He also did not interfere in the disputes between the clan chief and the musician. “Abou-Chaker and I were at odds and often had misunderstandings. But we settled them, ”said Rammo. After an escalation, Abou-Chaker wrote to him on his cell phone that he was “going to Mecca first and then clearing the table in Berlin”. After the trip he was cleansed and apologized. The meeting afterwards was the first meeting of the two "in years". Rammo said he did not notice the allegation that the rapper had been locked up and injured.

Bushido stopped working with him when he was placed under police protection. According to Rammo, the reason for this was a call from Abou-Chaker's sister-in-law, in which she told the rapper that "something is being turned against him". The woman is said to have reported kidnapping plans against Bushido's wife and children. Rammo said that he tried to calm the rapper down. He saw the call as a "big bluff". Bushido ended the business partnership anyway. After the separation, there were no further contract payments. Other rappers like Shindy have also terminated the contracts with Bushido in order not to get caught between the fronts. "These are young artists who want to make music and be left alone."

A sound sequence that was uploaded to YouTube in July provided for discussions in the hall. The rapper Fler and Abou-Chaker allegedly speak badly about Rammo and his family. Bushido's lawyer noted after the questioning that Abou-Chaker had made "grimaces" at him during the interrogation. Because in the room there was the allegation that the lawyer or a confidante of Bushido, who have access to the confidential files, could have uploaded the video. The process will continue on Monday. Further negotiation days are scheduled until January 26, 2022.