In March, a junior high school girl was found dead in a park in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, and while an investigation was underway to see if there was any bullying in the background, her mother's memorandum was released and she said, "What happened? I want you to clarify. "

A girl student in the second year of junior high school in Asahikawa was found dead in a snowy park this March.

In June, I went into the river myself with senior students, and the city's board of education has set up a third-party committee to investigate whether there was any bullying in the background.

A lawyer representing the mother of this schoolgirl met in the city on the 18th and published her mother's memoir.

In the memorandum, it is written as "the bereaved family of Sousai Hirose", and the name of the female student is announced as the mother's intention not to weather the case.

In this, the mother said, "I think I will come back someday without accepting the reality. With that feeling, only time has passed. Why is it refreshing faster? I still regret that I couldn't find it. "

Also, regarding the situation after entering junior high school, the situation began to change from the latter half of April, and the school side began to cry and say "I want to die" because I was called by my seniors. He said he consulted about bullying.

After that, he repeatedly consulted with the school, telling the school that he had a history of being bullied on his mobile phone, but the school denied the bullying.

On top of that, "Why did the school do nothing while knowing the bullying for Sousai? What made Sousai cheerful, energetic and smiling like a different person? The truth. I want to know. "

Asahikawa City Board of Education "Please refrain from commenting"

The Asahikawa City Board of Education says, "We are currently investigating by a third-party committee, and we will refrain from commenting."