"Mobile phone control" for the elderly is also impaired physically and mentally

  Do not go to bed at midnight to watch videos, put on glasses to poke the phone after getting up early in the morning, take out the phone to use the vibrato when you are cooking...Always listen to parents teaching children to use mobile phones less, but these years, many elderly people Has become a "mobile phone control."

"There are more than 100,000 elderly people online for more than 10 hours a day." Recently, this data revealed by CCTV Finance is surprising.

For the elderly, the influence of obsessed with mobile phones cannot be underestimated.

Old people are physically and mentally damaged by playing mobile phones for a long time

  Not long ago, 36-year-old Ms. Wang experienced something that made her laugh or cry.

Early in the morning, Ms. Wang had just arrived at the unit and was busy with work. After 10 minutes, she picked up her mobile phone and found that there were 9 missed calls from her mother.

Ms. Wang was very nervous, thinking that something happened at home, but she didn't expect to call her, but her mother was anxious to ask her for a mobile phone charger.

  "I took the wrong charger when I went out in the morning, and my mother was so anxious." Ms. Wang said. When she hurriedly drove the charger home, she found that her mother's mobile phone still had 70% battery power, but she was worried about it all the time. Playing on the phone will quickly run out of power.

Ms. Wang realized the severity of her mother's dependence on mobile phones.

  Afterwards, she remembered that her mother was often dizzy recently, so she took the old man to the hospital for a film examination, and found that the cervical spine was obviously deformed and her eyesight had deteriorated severely.

"When the doctor asked, I realized that my mother spent 8 hours a day staring at her mobile phone, playing games, watching the news, using vibrato, video chat... dizziness was caused by too long a mobile phone."

  The doctor said that compared with young people, the functions of the various organs of the elderly are gradually deteriorating, and it is more likely to cause or aggravate the existing diseases by looking at the mobile phone for a long time.

For example, looking down at the mobile phone for a long time will aggravate cervical spondylosis; staring at the small screen of the mobile phone for a long time will cause vision loss; sitting still for a long time is prone to thick blood and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.


Family conflicts due to "mobile phone addiction"

  The reporter did a random survey and found that many elderly people around him have found old friends from many years ago because they have learned to play WeChat, and have expanded their social circle.

Group chats, sharing photos, sending red envelopes, etc. are no longer the patents of young people.

However, the over-reliance on mobile phones is also imperceptibly affecting the physical and mental health of the elderly, and even produces various family conflicts.

  "Three years ago, my mother started playing with her mobile phone. After that, she took videos every day, and she often played it until midnight before going to bed. I didn't listen to what I said, and even lost my temper with me." Citizen Ms. Zhao said.

Recently, my mother over 60 was caught in "grabbing red envelopes" with old friends and couldn't extricate herself, eating, sleeping, and watching TV are all on her mobile phone, and she has become a "head bower" when she goes out.

  "My dad used to buy everything I needed, but since installing the shopping app on his mobile phone, he bought something from it when he was fine, and the home express was available every day. When he asked him, he said he didn't spend my money. Money, but when you open these things, they are all discounted and snapped up. Some of them are tea and other foods, and the quality is not high." Mr. Ma, a citizen, said that he had repeatedly advised his father to play less on his mobile phone, but all of them were deceived.

Behind the "Internet addiction elderly" is loneliness

  Internet addiction was once a problem among young people, but now why do you find silver-haired people?

  Wei Junping, a national second-level psychological counselor, believes that the reason why middle-aged and elderly people are more dependent on mobile phones than young people is that on the one hand, they have a lot of free time at their disposal and naturally have more opportunities to access mobile phones.

In addition, the elderly also have special social needs for mobile phones.

  "After some elderly people retire, the number of people around them will decrease, and they will easily fall into the emptiness and loneliness of the spiritual world, but psychologically they still desire interpersonal communication." Wei Junping said, for middle-aged and elderly people, playing mobile games Can kill a lot of leisure time most.

Some elderly people find many old friends through WeChat. Private chats, group chats, sharing pictures and articles in WeChat have attracted the attention of many middle-aged and elderly people.

Even the "like" in the circle of friends has become a way for them to find a sense of existence.

Using vibrato and shooting short videos also satisfied the curiosity and desire of old people to explore like children.


More companionship reduces the time spent on the Internet for the elderly

  "Many elderly people have this idea: I'm so old, what's wrong with playing with mobile phones? But the end result of indulging in mobile phones is: chronic sleep deprivation and low energy levels, which may cause more physical illnesses." Wei Junping It is believed that the elderly can meet their own emotional or value needs by contacting the Internet world through mobile phones, etc., but to grasp the degree, they should turn off their mobile phones regularly at night and rest on time to ensure a good sleep.

  From the family level, children who are children should go home more and communicate more with the elderly to reduce the loneliness of the elderly.

Or find some activities that are more conducive to the health of the elderly, so that the elderly’s lives will be more fulfilled, thereby reducing the time spent on the Internet.

At the same time, some reasonable settings can be made on the mobile phone use of the elderly to avoid unlimited Internet access.

  Reporter Wang Min