• This Monday August 16, M6 broadcasts the first issue of


    , its new program whose name could not be clearer.

  • Presented by Julien Courbet, the program focuses on identity theft, home scams and heat pump scams.

  • “It's a magazine that I wanted to do for quite a while,” explains the host, who never tires of scams despite his twenty years at the helm of

    It can happen to you 

    on RTL.

Pull on a thread and come across a knot of problems, an expression that sums up



Julien Courbet, the specialist in television scams for almost thirty years, adds this new show to his list.

While he will return at the start of the school year for

It can happen to you

simultaneously on RTL and M6, the host tackles, this Monday August 16 as a bonus, the origins of three types of deception of which the French are victims.

The promise of several "scoops"

“It's a magazine that I wanted to do for quite a while,” Julien Courbet announced very quickly during the press videoconference. Unlike his morning radio show, the host and program team spent several months investigating three scams: identity theft, home scams and heat pump scams. Proof that the investigation takes time, the first issue was initially to be broadcast around March. "We needed even more time so we dug until we came to something quite successful," promises the presenter.

Thanks to this additional time, the journalists of the program were able to unearth "scoops" according to the editor-in-chief Guillaume Cahour. Regarding home scams, the show traced the scammers' thread to Israel, where it discovered that a family had registered 11,000 domain names on the Internet. "She runs all of this and resells these domain names by taking commissions," explains Guillaume Cahour.

The new M6 show also left for Benin where it found the trace of a crook who steals the identity papers of Internet users on social networks in order to resell them for a sum of € 90.

The journalist investigated several days on the spot to identify the people who practice this type of scam.

The footage will show a man sitting in his living room chatting with people on Facebook before asking for personal information that ends up costing them dearly.

Investigation and advice

Before she could film these images, the reporter found several crooks who agreed to talk to her off camera and show them how they worked.

This allowed him to document and then come across this 23-year-old man, who has been stealing French papers for four years.

“Before shooting this sequence, we checked that he was actually doing it,” says the editor-in-chief.

He was not asked to do so.

Whether we're there or not, they do.

This excerpt is intended to be more educational than voyeuristic by showing the simplicity with which this young man can steal the identity of his victims.

“People are going to be very careful when they go to answer calls on Facebook.

It's part of the journalistic job to show these things, ”adds Julien Courbet.

In addition to this section devoted to the investigation, the host will give the viewers the keys to not (or no longer) be fooled.

"We interview specialists, we do demos, we give people tips so that they do not fall into the trap," he lists.

What is the connection with

It can happen to you


Since he has been re-establishing injustices for twenty years in

It Can Happen to You

, Julien Courbet is aware of "trends" in terms of scams. This expertise allowed him to choose the subjects to be covered in


. "It is thanks to the morning show that we made the summary of it," he certifies. When I decided that it would be Guillaume who would make this show that I am producing, I told him that I wanted a report on the usurpation because I see it every morning, I have more and more of it. "

More specifically, the



have recovered the names of witnesses that

It Can Happen to You

has helped, as well as their phone numbers, in order to understand the phenomenon and then trace their scam.

"In the morning, Julien and his team will help him solve his problem and we will decipher all the mechanism behind", advance Guillaume Cahour.

Moreover, the two formats are completely complementary since the gateway is valid in the other direction.

After the broadcast of the show on Monday, witnesses whose problem has still not been resolved can be picked up on the air of

It can happen to you


An after-sales service that no one can complain about.


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