, August 16th, starring Sun Li and Zhao Youting, and specially invited starring Yu Hewei, Yang Chaoyue and Liu Yichang, the realist workplace topic drama "Ideal City" is currently on the air.


  In the latest plot, Xia Ming, played by Zhao Youting, asked Su Xiao (played by Sun Li) who has repeatedly run into trouble in the workplace for various reasons. Xia Ming pointedly pointed out that when an aggressive subordinate meets an aggressive leader, it hits it off. There is absolutely no future for Su Xiao to meet a leader like Chen Simin, so it is better to go to Tianke as his assistant.

Although Su Xiao still had a prejudice against Xia Ming because of his expulsion, and rejected Xia Ming's invitation, but recalling Chen Simin's several times of wearing small shoes for herself, her heart would inevitably fluctuate.

  In fact, from the moment Xia Ming appeared on the stage, he showed his ability to control the minds of the people and the rules of the workplace.

After the temporary wall collapse accident, he directly approached Wang Mingyu, vice president of the group, analyzed the pros and cons for him in an orderly manner, and finally successfully dragged him into the water, helping to solve the problem that Tianke had to bear alone; he decided to join other subordinates. When the company was "pressing the palace," he ran to look for the wind, and he said a few words about cement at all, but he had reached a tacit understanding and staged a state of negotiation that "it seems to say nothing, but it seems to say everything"; At the internal meeting of the group, the chairman Zhao Xiankun had to say "whether the subsidiaries are close to each other or not?" The chairman Zhao Xiankun had to say that he had to deal with it fairly.

He used his own step-by-step actions to explain that "each cost table is a relationship table."

  Since its launch, "Ideal City" has attracted audiences with realistic workplace dramas.

Some netizens pointed out that apart from the heroes and heroines, none of the characters in the play are simple characters.

From the grassroots in the workplace to the top of the group, from the company's veterans to the "direct line" troops, "Ideal City" presents a true "workplace art of war".

  It is reported that the TV series "Ideal City" was broadcast on iQiyi.