China News Service, August 15th. According to the website of the Liaison Office in Hong Kong, a spokesperson for the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued a statement on August 15 and pointed out that under the pressure of strong laws and public opinion, the "civil human rights front" today Announced dissolution.

This illegal organization with its mission of "anti-China and chaos in Hong Kong" has arbitrarily challenged the bottom line of the rule of law for many years and arbitrarily harmed the common interests of society. It has aroused strong indignation from all walks of life in Hong Kong society.

We resolutely support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government in handling affairs according to law and investigate its illegal activities to the end.

In the context of the implementation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law and Hong Kong’s chaos and governance, there is absolutely no way out for anyone or any organization to insist on an anti-China stance against Hong Kong.

  The spokesman pointed out that the downfall of the "FDC" is inevitable.

Since its establishment, it has never been registered in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong, and it cannot explain the source of income, expenditures and bank accounts. It is a completely illegal organization.

Over the years, this illegal organization has been clamoring to uphold the rule of law, but in reality it is lawless. Under the banner of the so-called human rights, democracy and freedom, it has unscrupulously dashed against the bottom line of the law and messed up Hong Kong society as it pleased.

Since the reunification, the many illegal gatherings and violent confrontations in Hong Kong are directly related to the incitement, planning, and organization of the "Chinese People's Front".

Today, despite the pressure of the law and public opinion, they play the "sad card" of automatic dissolution, but from their "dissolution statement" full of lies, they can see their unthinkable nature and the essence of "reverse every time." .

Over the past 19 years, they have assembled various anti-China and chaotic Hong Kong organizations and "speculative" political cadres, colluded with external forces, attacked the red line of "one country, two systems" and the constitutional order of the special zone, severely poisoned the social environment, and dragged Hong Kong into the abyss of turmoil.

They oppose the 23 anti-high-speed rail, engage in "Occupy Central" and anti-amendments, unscrupulously organize illegal demonstrations, and allow them to evolve into violent attacks on police, passers-by, arson and smash, and even occupy the Legislative Council; they blatantly encourage their members to take advantage of the The platform promotes "Hong Kong independence", incites riots, deliberately colludes with foreign anti-China groups to harm the interests of Hong Kong people, and writes a letter to the consulates of many countries in Hong Kong as "speculators"... Just as the Hong Kong society has voiced Condemned, "It has done too many things to do harm to Hong Kong society and humiliate Hong Kong's rule of law." Where is the "legitimate, peaceful and rational" they claim to be the "source of chaos in Hong Kong" through and through. ".

  The spokesperson said that if there is a law, it must be followed, and violations must be investigated. This is the fundamental spirit of the rule of law.

Any organization and anyone must pay for their violations.

We have noticed that the Hong Kong police once again declared today that the "Chinese People's Front" is an unregistered organization that operates illegally.

The police emphasized that criminal responsibility for crimes committed by an organization and its members will not be wiped out due to the dissolution of the organization or the resignation of the members.

We resolutely support the SAR government and the police force in prosecuting the "FDC" for suspected violations of the law in accordance with the law, and severely punish the chief evil elements. We also advise those organizations and individuals who are still stuck in poverty and wandering on the wrong road to turn back to the shore, and only actively cooperate with investigations and sincerely respect the rule of law. , Is the only way out.

  Finally, the spokesman emphasized that correcting chaos and getting back on track are the aspirations of the people of Hong Kong and the general trend.

Many acts of injustice will kill themselves. Anti-China groups and organizations that disrupt Hong Kong are immersed in the torrent of the times under the turbulent waves. It is a just choice and a historical inevitability.

We firmly support the SAR government and the police to act in accordance with the law and enforce the law decisively. On major issues of right and wrong that involve the fundamental interests of the country and the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, only by fully safeguarding the dignity of the rule of law can we effectively safeguard the interests of Hong Kong compatriots and ensure the stability and long-term development of "One Country, Two Systems".