China News Service, August 15th. According to the website of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, a spokesperson for the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council said in a statement on August 15 that the illegal organization of the Civil Human Rights Front ("FDC") was still blatant and mad when it announced its dissolution today. , Arrogant, fully exposed his anti-China chaos in Hong Kong's political nature and stubborn nature, must be held accountable in accordance with the law, severely punished!

  The spokesperson said that the "FDC" is an unregistered and outright illegal organization. For many years, it has entangled various anti-China and chaotic Hong Kong forces, and under the guise of peaceful, rational and non-violent deception, it has confronted the Central Government and has done harm to Hong Kong. Scattered, sinful.

The self-proclaimed "credit" of its dissolution statement is precisely the "crime record" that does not provoke itself: it is not only the direct planner and commander of the anti-Article 23 legislation, the illegal "Occupy Central", and the "anti-amendment" movement, Is the "Hong Kong independence," "black violence," and "speculation" and other anti-China and Hong Kong activities and the "regulations" escalation and degeneration into serious riots, or the vanguard and pawn of colluding with external forces to launch the "color revolution".

The "FDC" knew that its actions and activities had seriously touched the bottom line of the "One Country, Two Systems" principle, violated the Hong Kong National Security Law and a number of local laws in Hong Kong, and was being investigated by the Hong Kong police. It had reached the end of the road, so it hurriedly announced its dissolution and wanted to play. It is wishful thinking and daydreaming to evade the law enforcement by playing the trick of "escape the golden cicada from the shell"!

  The spokesperson pointed out that the "FDC" remained unrepentant and stubbornly resisted at the time of its demise, and continued to use the fig leaf of "human rights, democracy, and freedom" to bluff and deceive, in an attempt to win sympathy and incite public opinion.

However, the eyes of Hong Kong citizens are sharp, and they have long seen through its hypocritical, sinister, and cunning face.

The dying struggle of the FDC is hateful and ridiculous!

  The spokesperson emphasized that the elimination of evil must be done.

Although the "Chinese People's Front" and other anti-China chaotic Hong Kong organizations have been disbanded, their legacy still needs to be continuously eliminated.

Only by investigating the legal responsibilities of these anti-China chaotic Hong Kong organizations in accordance with the law and thoroughly liquidating the numerous evil deeds of these anti-China chaotic Hong Kong organizations can Hong Kong rebuild the rule of law and order and return to the right track of development.

We firmly support the law enforcement agencies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to investigate suspected violations and activities of anti-China organizations such as the Chinese People's Front in accordance with the law, and severely punish their chief criminals and key elements in accordance with the law. "Malignant tumors" and "malignant sores" clean up the "causes" and "causes" of Hong Kong, and restore a clear and clear sky in Hong Kong to ensure the stability and long-term development of "One Country, Two Systems".