(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Nanjing Elementary and Middle Schools Kindergartens Suspend the Opening of School on September 1 and Return to School

  Chinanews.com, Nanjing, August 15 (Reporter Shen Ran) On the 15th, the Nanjing Municipal Education Department informed that the city’s elementary and middle school kindergartens have suspended their resumption of school on September 1 and will be converted to low-risk areas in the whole city for 21 days. Organize students to start school and return to school in batches.

From September 1st, primary and secondary schools will launch online learning guidance.

  According to Dai Xinghai, deputy director of the Nanjing Education Bureau, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the unified deployment of the whole province of Jiangsu, with the approval of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Nanjing primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools and special education schools, the same below), kindergartens in September On the 1st, the start of school will be postponed to return to school.

  The return date must be 21 days after the entire city has been converted to a low-risk area, and the students will be organized to return to school in installments and batches.

The specific back-to-school batch and schedule will be announced to the public 3 days in advance after being approved by the Nanjing Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters.

  From September 1st, the two-level administrative departments of Nanjing city can arrange the primary and secondary schools under their jurisdiction to provide online learning guidance to students.

  For colleges and universities in Nanjing, students will not be arranged to return to school before September 15, and online teaching can be arranged according to the fall semester academic calendar.

After 21 days after the entire city of Nanjing has been converted to a low-risk area, students can be organized to return to school in batches.

Refer to the implementation of technical colleges and universities.

  In addition, the time for off-campus training institutions and infant care institutions in Nanjing to resume offline intensive training (care) activities will be determined separately after all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens return to school.

  Dai Xinghai reminded that if some teachers and students in the city leave Nanjing to go out, there are two types of situations that should be postponed to return to school.

In the first category, those who are still outside the city and have medium-high-risk areas in their districted city should be postponed to return to school; the second category is those who have a history of living in a medium- and high-risk area 21 days before returning to school should also be postponed to return to school.

  "After the above two types of teachers and students return to Nanjing, they must conduct health management in accordance with the "Guidelines for the Handling of Persons Involved in Epidemic Risks" formulated by the Regional Co-prevention Team of the Nanjing Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, and they can return to school only after they meet the conditions." Dai Xinghai emphasized, "It is necessary to implement personal health management in accordance with the local epidemic prevention and control management requirements, and complete 14-day self-health monitoring before returning to school."

  Dai Xinghai said that ensuring the safety and health of students is a primary goal of the work of returning to school from the beginning of school. Before returning to school, the school must be strictly checked and approved; schools at all levels and types of schools must implement closed campus management in strict accordance with regulations. Schools that are nucleic acid testing points must not carry out nucleic acid testing within 15 days before the start of school. All campuses shall be closed for comprehensive disinfection; admission to school Personnel qualification review, outsiders who really need to enter the campus, check the itinerary card, Su-Kang code, and perform identity registration. Large-scale group activities on campus will also be suspended according to the epidemic situation. (Finish)