Recently, the sales of many domestic brands have risen sharply. Expert analysis highlights that consumers are becoming

  more and more


. Domestic products in multiple fields are ushering in the "Awakening Era".

  News from our newspaper (reporter Zhang Xin) Recently, Li Ning announced the first half of the results, during the period net profit rose 187.2% year-on-year.

And Hongxing Erke, which was "famous with one donation", has created an astonishing number of sales growth of 52 times year-on-year.

In contrast, Adidas, which announced its financial report a few days ago, has rarely seen negative growth in Greater China. Its CEO admits that the current demand of Chinese consumers is no longer the same as the previous foreign brands, and is more inclined to local brands.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily noticed that Chinese consumers voted with their feet, indicating that domestic products are ushering in the "age of awakening" again.

  In Longfor Beijing Changyingtian Street, Chinese and foreign sports brands are concentrated on the first floor of the East District, and Li Ning's store in China is the most popular.

In Link Shopping Plaza, although Adidas Clover is on the first floor of the store, its popularity last weekend was far less than that of Hongxing Erke, which is located on the fourth floor of the mall and is located in the same area with multiple brands.

On weekends, customers who want to go in and see Hongxing Erke have to "stagger the peak", and the checkout line is even at the door of the foreign brand next door.

"I came here to shop specially, just to support Hongxing Erke." A young customer said that he is currently more willing to buy domestic products.

"When you buy it, you know that the quality of domestic products is also very good, the design is more Chinese, and it has personality when you wear it."

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily inquired about the data of and learned that Li Ning is currently ranked first in the sports and outdoor hot list in Tongzhou area, and Hongxing Erke is ranked third.

  It is reported that in this year's "Jingdong 618", domestic products and Guochao accounted for the C position in sales, and the turnover and number of users of domestic products were 7% and 8% higher than those of international brands, respectively.

On the Tmall platform only on June 1st, there were 755 products with a turnover of over one million, of which 70% were new domestic brands, and new domestic products have grown into the protagonist of new consumption.

  The "2020 China Consumer Brand Development Report" released by the Ali Research Institute shows that in 2019, the market share of online Chinese brands reached 72%.

Among them, the online Chinese brands in the medical and health, beauty and personal care, and food industries ranked the top three in terms of year-on-year growth, 38.5%, 36.7% and 31.5% respectively.

According to figures from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in the first half of this year, a total of 434 first stores (including flagship stores) landed in Beijing, of which 360 Chinese brands accounted for about 83%.

  According to the analysis by the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing is currently advancing the cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city, creating a group of local independent brands with international influence, and conforming to the new expectations of consumers for domestic products. Huang Weiping, a professor at the School of Economics at Renmin University of China, said that Beijing is an tolerant and open city, and Chinese and foreign brands are welcome to compete on the same stage. The rising consumption of domestic brands indicates that consumption in Beijing has once again ushered in the "age of awakening." Compared with the past, the quality of products made in China has improved significantly. As a pilot for a new consumer city, Beijing's recognition of domestic brands by a new generation of youth represents a more rational and sunny consumption concept, and also shows China's cultural self-confidence and road self-confidence. Beijing will surely become a model city of international consumption center.