It will rain heavily this week on the east coast, where the east wind blows, and Jeju Island, where the stagnant front is located.

There are reports of showers all over the country, but a heavy rain warning is currently in effect for southern Jeju and mountainous areas.

From today to tomorrow, it will rain up to 70mm in Jeju, and 5 to 30mm in the east coast.

It will rain today in eastern Gyeonggi-do and Yeongseo in Gangwon-do, and showers are reported tomorrow in the metropolitan area such as Seoul.

A heat wave warning is still in effect in various parts of the west, and the east area is relatively cool.

Today's daytime temperature in Seoul is expected to rise to 32 degrees, Jeonju and Daejeon are expected to be 31 degrees, and Busan is expected to be 28 degrees.

There will be long rains across the country this weekend and next week.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)