, Beijing, August 14 (Reporter Chen Hang) The Beijing Meteorological Observatory distributed a yellow warning signal for minefielding at 16:15 on the 14th. It is expected that there will be thunderstorms in most parts of Beijing until 9:00 on the 15th, with local hours of rain. The intensity is 40 to 60 mm, and the thunderstorm is accompanied by short-term gale and hail of level 7 or above. Please take precautions.

  The video released by "Meteorology Beijing" Weibo shows that there are already rainy weather in Changping District, Yanqing District, and Daxing District in Beijing. Thunders continue in many areas, and local precipitation is obvious.

The Meteorological Department reminded the public to pay attention to lightning and rain protection outside, and to avoid going to scenic spots and homestays in mountainous areas.

The picture shows that Beijing issued a yellow warning signal for thunder and lightning.

A screenshot of the weather Beijing Weibo

There have been scattered thundershowers during the day today

  Affected by the weak cold air, scattered thundershowers occurred in Beijing from yesterday evening to this morning, and obvious rainfall occurred in the western and northern mountainous areas.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory stated that the city’s average precipitation was 0.6 mm from 12:00 to 17:00 on the 14th, with an average of 0.7 mm in the urban area, 1.0 mm in the northwest, 0.7 mm in the southwest, 0.4 mm in the southeast, and 0.2 mm in the northeast. The largest Changping Beiqijia was 25.4 mm, and the maximum rain intensity occurred at Changping Beiqijia at 23.7 mm/h from 16 to 17:00.

Frequent rainfall today and tomorrow

  The Beijing Flood Control Office reminds the public that there will be moderate rains in the city during the night from the 14th to the 15th. People are requested to arrange weekend trips reasonably, avoid camping in mountainous areas and riversides, pay attention to weather forecast warnings, and pay attention to safety.

Avoid visiting hidden danger areas such as mountain rivers

  According to the Meteorological Department, due to the early rainfall, the soil moisture content in Beijing is close to saturation, and there are high risks of mountain torrents and geological disasters in mountainous and shallow mountainous areas. The public is requested to reduce or avoid activities in dangerous areas, rivers, and areas with hidden geological hazards, and increase strong convective weather. And the awareness of prevention of secondary disasters.

  In addition, due to the influence of rainfall, the roads are slippery and local visibility is poor, so you must pay attention to traffic safety when driving.