[Concurrent] Zhangjiajie Anti-epidemic Nurse Xiang Card

  The Qixi Festival is here, my husband, I just want to see you soon.

  [Concurrent] Zhangjiajie Anti-epidemic Doctor Luo Jinwu

  Wife, I miss you, I love you, come on!

  [Explanation] This pair of young men and women who exchanged thoughts on the Qixi Festival through the lens of a reporter from China News Service is a medical couple at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan.

Since the emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, one of them has been walking along the mountain trails for nucleic acid testing for the whole people, and the other has been sticking to the hospital to take care of patients. They have not met for half a month.

  Luo Jinwu, 32, told reporters that late at night on July 28, he received a call from his superiors and learned that Zhangjiajie was in an emergency, and since then he has been with the team to conduct nucleic acid tests on residents and stranded tourists in the city.

On August 5, he joined the village support team for nucleic acid testing and came to Boyangping Village to support nucleic acid testing for the entire rural population.

  [Concurrent] Zhangjiajie Anti-epidemic Doctor Luo Jinwu

  My wife worked in the hospital on the 31st (July). She stayed in the hospital without returning home after the night shift.

She is a nurse in surgery, taking care of and nursing patients in the ward.

  [Explanation] Although Luo Jinwu's wife Xiangka, who stayed behind in the hospital, was not able to rush to the front line like her husband, she also lives in the hospital because of the needs of caring for the patient and preventing the epidemic.

In this way, the couple silently persisted in different positions and contributed their youth to the fight against the epidemic.

  Luo Jinwu introduced that in rural areas, the nucleic acid testing team in the village has to complete nucleic acid testing for thousands of people every day. In addition to the villagers who come to the testing site to receive nucleic acid testing, there are also some villagers living in the mountains with limited mobility and the elderly. , They need to walk to the door for nucleic acid testing.

  [Concurrent] Zhangjiajie Anti-epidemic Doctor Luo Jinwu

  When some old people are doing door-to-door service, sometimes they are not very cooperative, and then we patiently explain to them what the nucleic acid test is for, and the benefits of doing it, and persuade them to do the nucleic acid test.

  [Explanation] Xiangka said that as a medical worker, it is the basic responsibility to come forward when an epidemic occurs.

Compared to myself, my husband keeps running for the National Nucleic Acid Test, which is indeed dangerous, but I am very supportive of him.

Now, when Xiangka and her husband have a break, they talk the most through video calls, and they tell each other to pay attention to safety.

  [Concurrent] Zhangjiajie Anti-epidemic Nurse Xiang Card

  I think he can endure hardship. Actually, he didn’t tell me that it was too hard. Maybe he was afraid that I was worried. Instead, he told me every day that I should work hard and work hard, and tell me to protect myself and protect myself. .

  Reporter Yang Huafeng Xu Zhixiong reports from Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]