Following the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association held an urgent meeting, calling for thorough infection control measures and online, saying that local health centers and medical institutions are seriously dysfunctional. It has been clarified that a new medical care system will be introduced.

At a meeting held by the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, Chairman Haruo Ozaki first commented on the rapid spread of infection, saying, "Each person is at a level where he / she must feel the danger and protect it. The whole country is in a disaster. I think we must take some new restraint measures nationwide, considering that we are in a situation of being hit, "he said, showing a strong sense of crisis.

He called for measures to be taken with particular emphasis on those in their 40s and 50s, who account for the majority of severely ill people, and to take thorough measures such as promoting vaccination, obliging teleworking, and wearing non-woven masks. rice field.

In addition, we announced the efforts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association to respond to the rapid increase in the number of people receiving medical treatment at home, and with the cooperation of not only the medical associations in each district but also medical institutions specializing in home visits and home medical care. He explained that he is proceeding with efforts to watch over 24 hours a day, including holidays.

On top of that, as a new initiative, it was revealed that a new system will be introduced in which doctors will treat people who are undergoing medical treatment at home and the health center or the like determines that they need to see a doctor online.

Chairman Ozaki said, "I think we have to take over the function of the health center. We want to create a system that can be connected to hospitalization and accommodation treatment whenever we think that hospitalization is necessary."

On the other hand, regarding the response to the Paralympics starting this month, "The infection situation is worse than before the Olympics, so if you are going to hold it, you need at least no spectators. Participation is for people with disabilities. , We must be careful about the Olympics and above, including those who accompany us. "