One land, one author: in Italy with Erri De Luca, writing against the impossible

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Erri De Luca, Italian writer, in studio at RFI (September 2020).

© Catherine Fruchon-Toussaint / RFI

By: Catherine Fruchon-Toussaint

32 mins

Erri De Luca, born in Naples in 1950, after having been a worker, an activist, became a writer, poet and translator.

He is the author of an abundant body of work, including the novels


(2002, Foreign Femina Prize) and

The Weight of the Butterfly

 (2011), or more recently

Le tour de l'oie


His new novel has been translated into French under the title


 by Danièle Valin, by Gallimard editions.



French cover of the novel © Gallimard

"On a steep path in the Dolomites, a man falls into the void. Behind him, another man gives the alert. However, they are not strangers. Companions of the same revolutionary group, forty years earlier, the first had delivered the second and all his former comrades in the police An improbable meeting, an impossible coincidence above all, for the magistrate in charge of the case, who tries to make the suspect confess a premeditated murder.

In a novel of great tension, Erri De Luca recreates the exchange between a young judge and an accused, an old man "of the generation most sued in the history of Italy".

But the questioning slowly turns into a dialogue and a rich reflection on commitment, justice, friendship and betrayal takes shape. "(Presentation of

Gallimard editions



* The audio version of the novel


 in the

"Listen to Read" collection

at Gallimard

* The previous novel by Erri De Luca

The Goose Tour,

 published in the





: Portrait of the Spanish writer Benito Pérez Galdós by Baptiste Touverey.


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