Shigeru Omi, chairman of the government subcommittee on measures against the new coronavirus, held a press conference on the 12th, saying, "If nothing is done, the number of cases of dying during home medical treatment will increase." He called for cooperation, saying that it is necessary to reduce at least 50% compared to the first half.

The government's subcommittee, for example, in Tokyo, said it needed to stop the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in the last two weeks compared to the first half of July, just before the state of emergency was declared. We have put together an urgent proposal for a 50% reduction.

In response to this, Chairman Omi of the subcommittee held a press conference on the evening of the 12th, saying, "If the current situation is left unchecked, the number of home caregivers will increase and the number of cases of death during home care will increase. It is necessary to reduce by at least 50%. I want you to share the same level of sense of crisis with the national government, local governments, and citizens as when you issued the first state of emergency in April last year, and to strengthen measures immediately. ", And showed a strong sense of crisis.

Chairman Omi said, "Now, it is actually happening that we should not be able to receive sufficient treatment during home medical treatment and become seriously ill or die. Furthermore, with general medical care being restricted, Corona has nothing to do with it. However, there are effects such as delaying cancer treatment. I want the national government, local governments, and citizens to fully recognize this. "

On top of that, as a concrete thing to do, "Please do not go out as much as possible. Even if you do go out, I would like you to reduce the frequency to 50% if possible. For example, the frequency of going out to crowded places such as shopping is 4 to 2 times a week. I want you to be aware of reducing the number of times. "

In addition, Chairman Omi said that as long as he requested the people to take measures, he would not be able to obtain the cooperation of many people unless the national and local governments thoroughly implemented the measures. I haven't been thoroughly asking for a response so far. The rest is just a matter of budget and determination, so I would like you to respond promptly. "

Minister of Economic Revitalization Nishimura "Respond to the proposal firmly"

Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, told reporters, "We share a strong sense of crisis with experts. We are working in collaboration with the governor to reduce contact and flow, and continue to support local governments. However, I would like to take the recommendations firmly and respond accordingly. "

Regarding the medical care provision system, "We are asking you to consider temporary medical facilities as needed, but securing nurses is the key, so the national government will work with local governments to maximize local medical resources. I would like to make limited use of it to secure beds and human resources. "

He said, "It's finally time for Obon, but the number of train and airline reservations is on the rise rather than last year. Please consider returning home or canceling or postponing your trip."

[Details] "Reduction of 50% of people" Subcommittee proposal

The government's subcommittee has taken intensive measures for two weeks until the 26th of this month, saying that it is necessary to avoid the crisis situation where the infection of the new coronavirus is increasing explosively and the medical pressure is becoming more serious. In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has issued urgent proposals calling for strong measures, such as reducing the number of people by 50% compared to the first half of July, just before the declaration of emergency was issued.

According to a proposal compiled by the government's subcommittee on measures against the new corona, the current situation, despite the "state of emergency" in Tokyo and other areas, has not reduced contact between people, and the number of infections has increased explosively. As the number of seriously ill people is increasing, the number of beds that have been increased at the expense of ordinary medical care is rapidly filling up, and hospitalization adjustments are becoming extremely difficult. I point out.

In addition to young people, middle-aged and middle-aged people often go out, and vaccination has not been completed in these age groups, and there is a high risk of

aggravation. For the next two weeks, it is necessary to intensively further strengthen the measures, for example, in Tokyo, it is necessary to reduce the number of people by about 50% day and night compared to the first half of July before this state of emergency was declared. It is said.

In addition, according to the recommendation, although the spread of infection is more likely to occur in the highly infectious Delta strain, the main infection mode is the same as before, and there are usually high-risk situations such as flying and fine flying = micro-flying. It is said that it is a conversation with people who are not together, eating and drinking and meetings, scenes where a large number of people gather for a long time, crowded places and times, rest rooms and smoking areas, and changing rooms without masks.

In addition, in areas where an "emergency declaration" has been issued as a concrete measure,

▽ Going out to crowded places will be halved.

▽ Strongly suppress the number of people in the underground grocery store and shopping malls of department stores, which are said to have a high risk of infection,

▽ Further strengthen telework,

▽ Avoid going out and refrain from moving across prefectures I'm asking for things.

On the other hand,

facilities such as

concerts and plays where the audience does not speak out,

movie theaters,


libraries and museums can have a relatively low risk of infection and can be used after thorough infection control measures. It is said.

Furthermore, the situation that can be said to be an outbreak of infection in the proposal is difficult to control by the local government alone, and based on the idea that the current situation is disaster medicine, the national government cooperates with the local government to deal with an unprecedented powerful virus. In order to do so, it is necessary to take drastic measures that are not bound by precedent.

Then, the national and local governments

will be asked to cooperate with medical institutions that have not been involved in corona support, and accommodation facilities with enhanced medical functions will be added, and local medical associations will be more actively involved. To ensure the health observation and medical treatment system for patients undergoing medical treatment at home,

Encourage them to easily undergo an examination if they are in poor physical condition at school or at work,

▽ Coordination of hospitalization is not limited to health centers , We are requesting that we also do it in prefectures.

Furthermore, in addition to the conventional indicators of infection status and medical system for the national and local governments,

▽ the number of people who are adjusting hospitalization and the number of people who are receiving medical treatment at home or hotels,

▽ measures while watching

the number

of people during the day and night I asked you to proceed.