“Controlling the climate”, a devastating colonial argument from the 15th century!

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"The revolts of the sky, a history of climate change from the 15th to the 20th century", by Jean-Baptiste Fressoz and Fabien Locher.

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By: Anne-Cécile Bras Follow

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Western societies have been debating climate change and its social and political implications since the end of the 15th century!

There is no question of CO2, nor of the greenhouse effect, it is the obsession with forest management to control rain that has served as arguments to "civilize" territories and peoples in America and Africa.



Jean-Baptiste Fressoz and Fabien Locher, historians and researchers at the CNRS unveil in

Les revoltes du ciel, a history of climate change from the 15th to the 20th century,

 published in


Seuil to what extent the anguish of the vagaries of the sky has mobilized Western political elites before the certainties brought by technical progress distract them from it.

(Replay of January 21, 2021)


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