The Olympic Games came to an end, and the popular dramas were officially announced. In the TV series, there are "Sweeping Dark Storm", "Children of the Qiao Family", "Ideal City", "Dear Parents" and other powerful dramas gathered, "This!

Popular variety shows such as Street Dance 4, Talk Show 4, and Broken Brothers are also rushing to the beach in summer.

  The performance of the Chinese Olympic champions is of national concern, and the anti-epidemic resistance of the home family has also made the charm of sports unmatched this summer. Therefore, the ratings of the Olympic Games are extremely popular. heat.

Of course, Huang Xiaoming, the cousin of table tennis Olympic champion Chen Meng, was the most successful.

However, as soon as the Olympics ended, the attention of the audience fell off, and the performing arts circle opened for business at full capacity, creating a burst of money for the market in the little time left in the summer vacation.

Let's see which "players" have champions.

Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Zhang Nan

  TV series racetracks and big dramas get together, and the star lineup is struck by multiple themes

  Which dramas did you chase in the summer?

Feminine-themed dramas "Northern Ruins", "I'm Very Good In A Foreign Country", "I Really Love You", and other dramas involving e-sports, aerospace, sweet pets and other elements such as "I am Your Glory" Jidu has its own fan base.

Although it touches the reality to a certain extent, the popular styles and word-of-mouth productions that have caused widespread discussion are still scarce.

In terms of TV dramas, “explosive models” such as the Noon Sunshine and Wuyuan Culture have come with reality-themed dramas, involving diverse themes such as workplace, anti-crime, and family emotions, making the audience fall into choice difficulties.

  "Sweeping the Dark Storm" is the first to win

  "Sweeping Black Storm", broadcast exclusively by Tencent, is based on the major anti-criminal cases that have caused a sensation across the country-Sun Xiaoguo case, playground burial case, Hunan Wen Liehong's criminal case, Hainan Huang Hong's case, etc., not only strongly related to reality, but also With Sun Honglei, Zhang Yixing, Liu Yijun, Wu Yue, Jiang Shuying and other lineup blessings, such a bold operation of a master of art, it is difficult not to catch the eye.

  The new drama "Dear Parents" by Yan Ni and Wang Yanhui, which was broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV on the 10th, tells how Liu Biyun and Jiang Tianhuai, who were married halfway, resolved various challenges in their career step by step, and mediated their relationship with their children with different personalities. The resulting story of family conflicts, the drama is nostalgic, the performance is warm, and the strength is no problem, but the performance of young actors is facing challenges.

  Noon Sunshine joins hands with "Nanjing Elements" can be expected

  From the 12th, "Ideal City" and "Children of the Qiao Family" and other drama series will meet with the audience one after another.

The "Ideal City" starring Sun Li and Zhao Youting, and specially invited by Yu Hewei, tells how the heroine Su Xiao played by Sun Li, a Shanghai-based cost engineer from a small city, walked out of a career trough and embarked on an ideal path.

The original family emotional drama "Children of the Qiao Family" produced by Noon Sunshine and starring Bai Yu, Song Zuer, Mao Xiaotong and Zhang Wanyi is set in Nanjing and filmed in Nanjing, which has attracted much attention.

  In terms of suspense themes, after the dark horse of "I'm Very Good Away From Out", the next web drama of "Mango Monsoon" theater is also ready to go.

The suspense soft science fiction TV series "Tianmu Crisis" starring Zhang Rui, He Dujuan, Zhang Xiaoquan and Miao Qiaowei will be launched on the 18th.

The play revolves around the experience of the mother of the top student Li Tian, ​​played by Zhang Rui, and involves one unknown secret after another.

  Audiences who love the theme of tomb robbery, "Yunnan Worm Valley", which will debut on the 30th, is expected.

This film will show in depth the story of the trio visiting the tropical rain forest and the tomb of the king. There are all kinds of strange insects and beasts.

  Variety Circuit

  Unpopular themes make the dark horse, the seeded players are long overdue

  In the hit variety show, the script-killing variety show "Meng Tan Tan Tan An" and "Strange Script Shark" with popular themes are very popular. "Chinese Restaurant 5" is full of guest celebrities and highlights, but it is strongly discussed by the Olympics. Crushing, it can be said that "birth is not at the right time" can only be "better for each other", and after the Olympics, a batch of blockbuster variety shows have come to break the circle strongly.

However, from the perspective of "Goodbye Lover", facing an increasingly critical audience, new exploration will never lack a market.

  Band + gourmet "food" Olympics, divorce variety show accidentally becomes a dark horse

  There is no "Summer of the Band" this summer, but the second season of "People from Strawberry Planet", "Black Fear Girl", "Rap Listen to Me" and other music variety shows have already started fighting, gathering variety shows of female musicians, except for Tencent's " "Black Fear Girl" and iQiyi's "Burst Girl" have their own highlights. In the latter program, Han Hong "don't pretend to speak" also made a quotation.

  But under the sound of the Olympics, it was not easy to break the circle.

The fifth season of "Chinese Restaurant", which was broadcast during the Olympics, also suffered a bit. The lineup of this season is very strong. Huang Xiaoming leads the new partners, Tranquility, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, Ding Zhen, and Yao Anna to start the national trend. trip.

Every guest has a flow, even "entertainment newcomer" Yao Anna, under the labels of Ren Zhengfei's daughter, Harvard school domineering lady, etc., it is difficult to keep a low profile.

But there is no chef to support the field, the guests are all "cooking whites". If you invite foreign aid to open a restaurant, the netizens who like to watch the show and the guests are exhausted from cooking are inevitably disappointed.

  Summer is the season of love. There are many famous scenes in "Daughter's Love 4". In "Daughters' Love 4", Li Shaminzi and Lao Fan next door, Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi, and Zhou Yangqing boldly admit their love affair, all are hot Search for physique, but it is difficult to play more during the Olympics.

  Unexpectedly, a Chinese first divorce-type documentary observation program "Goodbye Lover" aimed at the marriage of "parting" in love and sending out a distress signal, but relying on unpopular themes, silently scored 8.4 points on Douban.

This "daring" program invites three couples who are experiencing marital crisis to embark on an 18-day trip to Xinjiang.

During this retrial of marriage, 7 members of the observation team (headed by Li Weijia, Hu Yanbin, Guo Caijie, Sun Yi, Huang Zhizhong, Qian Zhe, Shen Yifei) observed the relationship of the three couples and led the audience in the process Re-examine marriage.

  Talk show, street dance, and other "general N generations" are working hard, and my elder brother wants to "overcome all obstacles"

  Following "Good Voice" and "Chinese Restaurant", "Song N Generation" was launched.

On the evening of the 10th, "Talk Show Conference 4" was broadcast. This time there will be talk show dark horses like Li Xueqin and Yang Li, which also arouses expectations.

The four laughter Li Dan, Da Zhangwei, Luo Yonghao and Yang Lan, along with several crossover players, new and old players, brought new highlights to the long-awaited fans.

This time, "Talk Show 4" invites cross-border players from different industries, different occupations, and a wide range of backgrounds to join, such as the doctor of cancer science pineapple, Shanghai traffic police Huang Jun, short video blog advocate stepping Ling, etc., through cross-border players The narration of daily life content emphasizes the concept of "lifestyle" programs and the concept of "everyone can talk about a 5-minute talk show". While bringing people in various industries closer to each other, it also allows more viewers to find their lives. resonance.

Chen Yexiong (Daxiong), who participated in "Signs of Heart", complained about his looks, Xu Zhisheng, said that his hairline was too high, which really gave him a face.

There are also high-profile academic bully Zhang Jun Tucao's mother urging herself to study for a PhD all day long, and the so-called "handsome but not self-aware" handsome guys are "pretending."

As for the veteran players, the leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as Pang Bo, who is in a relaxed state, and Cheng Lu, who is now the leader, performed well.

But to usher in the players who are really out of the circle, we have to wait and see.

  The high energy is coming from the front, and the huge Mango TV self-produced panoramic music competition variety show "Brother Overcoming Thorns" will be broadcasted every Thursday and Friday at 12 o'clock on August 12, including Huang Guanzhong, Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Zhilin, Yan 33 male guests including Cheng Xu and Li Yundi included singers, dancers, performers, actors, music producers, etc.

Zhang Zhilin and Chen Xiaochun of "Singing and Acting Amphibious Power" still have the same texture; the lead singers of the Black Panthers Zhang Qi and Huang Zheng's refrains broke out; "Youth Memory" Yan Chengxu sings affectionately, and "Senior Singer" Lin Zhixuan sings in high pitch, these highlights Still mobilize the feelings of fans.

This is also how Mango has made a strong entry into the "Brother Variety Show" after the Nuggets' "Sister Variety Show".

  It will be launched on Youku's street dance selection variety show "This!

"Just Street Dance" is very "scheming".

In the aftermath of the Olympics, the "Hip-hop Olympics" is on the stage. The four hip-hop captains Han Geng, Liu Xianhua, Wang Yibo, and Zhang Yixing will join hands with top dancers at home and abroad to jointly open a new season of international elite challenge.

As the only world-class street dance competition held in the world, "This!

The fourth season of "It's Street Dance" continues to ignite the expectations of dancers at home and abroad, and provides a broader stage for the exchange and collision of street dance between China and foreign countries.