It has been 36 years since the crash of a JAL jumbo jet that killed 520 people in 12 days.

In Ueno Village, Gunma Prefecture, where the crash occurred, due to the effects of the new coronavirus, only the bereaved families and related parties are climbing the memorial service.

On August 12, 1985, a jumbo jet of Japan Airlines carrying returnees from Obon crashed in the mountains of Ueno Village, Gunma Prefecture, killing 520 people, the largest number of aircraft accidents in Japan.

On the 12th, 36 years after the accident, bereaved families and others are visiting the memorial mountain climbing aiming for the "Minetaka ridge" at the crash site.

Every year, on August 12, many people, including the general public, come to climb the memorial service, but in villages, etc., to prevent infection of the new corona, the bereaved family of people who can climb this year as well as last year. And related parties only.

Upon arriving near the site, the visitors were handing flowers to the grave marker of the deceased and offering fruits and sweets.

Also, in front of the memorial monument, "Shoshin-no-monu," he joined hands to mourn the victims.

On the 12th, the memorial ceremony to silently pray at the "Memorial Garden" at the foot of the mountain at 6:56 pm at the time of the crash was also reduced in scale following last year, including 20 people from the village and Japan Airlines. I'm going to do it with about people.

Thirty-six years have passed since the accident, and it seems that some bereaved families have abandoned mountain climbing because of their old age and the new corona, and the issue is how to convey the memories and lessons of the accident.

Fumiaki Teramon "Reports that he is alive to the fullest"

Fumiaki Teramon (58) from Tokyo, who lost his best friend Hiroyuki Kato (21 at the time), who was a companion to the comedy duo, visited the mountain climbing memorial service with his acquaintance Kanako Ichikawa (44).

Mr. Teramon said, "Before Kato's father died, I wanted him not to weather the accident, so I often bring in interested people. Mr. Kato was serious about playing and working. I reported that I was alive to the best of my ability so that I wouldn't get angry. "

In addition, Mr. Ichikawa, who visited the mountain for the first time, said, "I'm glad I could feel with my own eyes and ears that I couldn't catch it in articles and books. I will tell you. "

Takeshi Hashimoto "I told you that everyone is fine."

Takeshi Hashimoto (67) from Tochigi Prefecture, who lost his brother Takashi Kurihara (33 at the time) in an accident, visited a memorial mountain climbing with his son and his dog.

At Ototoshima, we continued to climb the memorial service on the anniversary of the death of the moon, but since last year, the number of climbs has decreased significantly due to the impact of the typhoon's collapse of the road and the new corona.

On the 12th, we offered flowers and sweets to the grave marker and put our hands together.

Mr. Hashimoto said, "Since the infection of the new corona is spreading, I was wondering whether to come until just before, but after all, I decided to regret not coming on this day. 36 years I just said, "Everyone is fine," as if it had been a long time and in a blink of an eye. I have to keep telling this accident all the time. "

Junko Miyazawa "I wanted my father to see my grandchildren."

Junko Miyazawa (62) of Yokohama City, who lost her father Masaru Sakakibara (52 at the time) in an accident, visited a memorial mountain climbing with six family members and held hands in front of the grave marker.

For the first time, I also brought my twin grandchildren, Bunji Sekiguchi (4) and Miharu Sekiguchi (4).

Mr. Miyazawa said, "I was happy to be able to climb with my grandson because I wanted to see my grandson with my deceased father. I reported to my father that everyone is living happily." ..

Kiyoko Yamaoka "I managed to meet my daughter"

Kiyoko Yamaoka (75), who lost her two daughters, Tomomi (16 at the time), who was in the second year of high school in an accident, and Kaoru (14), the second daughter who was in the second year of junior high school, is Naoki, the eldest son. (54) I visited a memorial mountain climbing from Osaka with others.

When I arrived in front of the grave marker, I placed a picture of my two daughters, who had finally been able to put them for several years, and quietly put their hands together with sweets.

We also planted azalea tree seedlings near the grave marker so that they wouldn't be lonely.

Kiyoko said, "I was planning to stop until just before because of the new corona and my leg fracture in February, but due to my age, I may not be able to climb anymore from next year. I managed to meet my daughter. I think she is happy because she planted the seedlings beautifully. "

In addition, Naoki, the eldest son, said, "I managed to bring my mother. It's been 36 years, but the passage of time does not reduce my sadness. I want to continue climbing the memorial service. "