China News Service, Hong Kong, August 11th. The "Hong Kong Education Professionals Association" ("Education Association") announced its dissolution on the 10th and immediately stopped recruiting new members and renewing arrangements.

The Hong Kong newspapers published on the 11th paid great attention to this, and they published social reviews or commentary articles that the dissolution of the "Education Association" would help Hong Kong's education to correct the chaos.

  Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po" commented that the "Education Association" has been playing politics for a long time, educating for disasters, and "soliciting speculation" in Hong Kong. It ended up in a dead end and sadly "closing files". It is both self-defeating and historically inevitable.

  The commentary believes that the "Education Association" knows that it is deeply trapped and hastily made the decision to dissolve. It is obviously suspected of evading criminal responsibility. The SAR government must examine and pursue its illegal responsibilities, and it is not allowed to dissolve and shed its responsibility, but also to deter all anti-China chaos in Hong Kong. "Big Terrace".

On the other hand, the dissolution of the "Education Association" has brought opportunities for Hong Kong education to further correct chaos. The SAR government should strengthen close cooperation with patriotic and Hong Kong education groups, and properly handle the follow-up issues arising from the dissolution of the "Education Association"; at the same time, speed up education to correct chaos. Promote Hong Kong education to return to the right path of teaching and educating people, protect the fundamental well-being of teachers and students, and cultivate talents for the "one country, two systems".

  The Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" editorial believes that in the face of all kinds of questions from the public, the "Education Association" should have frankly explained to the public with an open and honest attitude. This is the duty of the "education profession".

However, the "Education Association" suddenly announced its dissolution without warning, leaving new problems, and it is impossible not to question its true purpose.

However, it needs to be pointed out that even if the "Education Association" is disbanded, it does not mean that the rights and interests of teachers are not guaranteed. On the contrary, without the "Education Association", the education profession and teachers' rights and interests can be better protected, and the educational environment can only be maintained. Getting better and better.

  The "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" published a commentary that the "Education Association" deviated from professionalism, took a highly politicized path of no return, and disbanded itself. It was inevitable, and it also brought enlightenment to other groups.

In recent years, the "pan-politicization" of Hong Kong has become serious, and some highly politicized organizations have appeared in the name of trade unions and professional organizations, using so-called professions to cover people's eyes.

You must know that although Hong Kong enjoys freedom of association, it is not allowed to violate the law or challenge the bottom line of "one country, two systems".

As stated by the Education Bureau of the Special Administrative Region Government, all professional education organizations are expected to fulfill their educational mission appropriately.

This principle also applies to other groups and organizations.

  "Sing Tao Daily" editorial believes that the "Education Association" has deviated from its original aspirations, politics has overridden professionalism, and has changed from an education professional group to a complete political organization. During the "Regulations Uprising" in 2019, it became more "involved" and closely linked to the "big platform". Connecting, launching the so-called "class strike" and "street resistance", the further and further away from the major, it is inevitable to walk into history.

  In addition, Tu Haiming, member of the CPPCC National Committee of the Hong Kong District and chairman of the Hong Kong New Era Development Think Tank, wrote in the "Ta Kung Pao" that the dissolution of the "Education Association" is a good start for the education sector to set things right and turn things around.

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of education professionals in Hong Kong, we must "take the right path". Any trade union organization must abide by the laws of Hong Kong, the "Trade Unions Ordinance", the National Security Law of Hong Kong and local laws of Hong Kong, and strictly abide by the articles of association. Such organizations are educational professionals. Only an organization that can be counted on and trusted is also an important force for maintaining Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, and it will have vigorous vitality.