As the number of home caregivers infected with the new coronavirus increased rapidly, the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association and others held an urgent online meeting to discuss issues to support home caregivers.

In response to the continued spread of the new corona infection and the rapid increase in the number of home care recipients, the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association held an urgent online meeting with 47 district medical associations in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on the 11th. rice field.

Among these, the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association is able to observe the health of home care recipients, which is mainly conducted by the health center, and judge the necessity of hospitalization due to deterioration of the condition, etc. Asked to cooperate with.

On the other hand, from the district medical association, there are patients who cannot be hospitalized even if they decide that they need to be hospitalized, so they want more beds, or a treatment method called "antibody cocktail therapy" that is used only for inpatients. There was an opinion that we would like it to be used by people other than inpatients.

After the meeting, Mr. Haruo Zaki, Chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, said, "There are many issues, but I would like to promote the establishment of a system so that it will not become serious at home and remain as it is."

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