In the fifth wave of the new coronavirus, the proportion of hospitalized patients has decreased, while the number of people in their 40s and 50s who have no underlying illness and have never had a major illness has become more severe and the symptoms have progressed. There are a lot of fast cases.

Even if you are young without any underlying illness ...

Last week, at the Saitama Medical Center General Medical Center, a woman in her 40s had worsened pneumonia and was unable to breathe with oxygen administration and had to put on a respirator.

The woman was infected late last month, but had no underlying illness and no major illness.

I was recuperating at home because I was young.

However, the level of oxygen in the blood dropped, and before "severe", he became "moderate 2" who needed oxygen administration, and was forced to be hospitalized.

After being hospitalized, he was given medication, but his condition did not improve, and he became severely ill and had to use a respirator.

Severe only 4 days after onset

A 62-year-old man who works for a company became ill rapidly after symptoms such as fever appeared late last month, and became severe by the time he put on a respirator just four days after the onset.

According to the treating doctor, in the 3rd and 4th waves, it was about 1 week to 10 days, and in many cases, the symptoms became severe after the fever continued, but in the 5th wave, the symptoms worsened quickly.

Dr. Hideaki Oka, who was treated, said, "There have been a series of cases in which patients of age and status that I thought were" probably okay "were getting worse, and I couldn't read what kind of patients and when they became severe. I was talking.

Fortunately, the man's condition has recovered, and the doctor responded to the interview in the ward.

The man said, "When the ventilator came off, I couldn't understand the situation and felt like,'Where am I?'. At first, it started with a light cough, then became deeper with'Gohon, Gohon', and then a high fever. I started to wander out. I thought I was far from being infected with coronavirus, but when I tried it, it was too painful. "