After Ipchu and Malbok have passed, it seems that the extreme heat has definitely disappeared, but the heatwave is still continuing in the middle of the day.

Today (12th), in the midday heat, there are news of rain and showers everywhere.

In particular, as a large amount of water vapor flows in, it will rain heavily on Jeju and the southern coast until the day after tomorrow.

If you look at the radar video now, the rain clouds have come up close to Jeju.

It started to rain little by little in Jeju, where the heavy rain warning was issued. Until tomorrow, heavy rain of more than 250 mm will pour in many places in the mountainous areas of Jeju, 30 to 80 mm in the southern coast, and 5 mm in the metropolitan area such as Seoul and other inland south of Chungcheong. Up to 40mm of showers will occur in many places.

A heat wave advisory is still in effect for most of the inland except for the east coast.

Cloudy weather is expected throughout the country this weekend, but it will not rain in Seoul, but there is rain news mainly in Yeongdong, Gangwon and south Chungcheong.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)