Hyoyeon, a member of Girls' Generation, who recently released a new single 'Second', boasted a special collaboration with SM producer Lee Soo-man.

Yesterday (10th), Hyoyeon posted a special challenge video on her Instagram with the caption, "Our captain. To find the 'Second' wilderness coordinates. I love you, Soo-man Lee. Come back, Soo-man Lee."

In the video, Hyoyeon was dancing happily to the new song 'Second', but producer Lee Soo-man, who was next to him, was working with her laptop open.

Although Hyoyeon's lively dance continued, Lee Soo-man showed an unconcerned appearance, like a person in a completely different space, answering a business phone call.

When the video was released, SM singers also showed various reactions. When Super Junior's Yesung expressed his embarrassment with the comment, "Is it synthetic?" Hyoyeon said, "It looks like that. Our concept" and "There is a video we danced together." ' he said, drawing attention.

At this, Girls' Generation's Yuri was surprised by saying, "Isn't this synthetic?", and Sooyoung responded with a comment, "Teacher, you seem to be buying plane tickets. Are your hand gestures?"

Super Junior's Donghae also burst into laughter, saying, "Teacher's chance is great."

Previously, Hyoyeon appeared on SBS Power FM's 'Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time' about the challenge video with producer Lee Soo-man, saying, "I've seen 20 years, but it's still difficult and I want to look good. “He even told a later story.

(Photo = Hyoyeon's Instagram)

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