The forest fires continue to rage on Evia at the beginning of the second week.

Since the situation in other areas of the country had temporarily eased, more resources could be used for the fire fighting on the island.

It was also a relief that the wind was less strong.

According to the Greek authorities, almost 880 firefighters are currently deployed to fight the fires on Evia, including forces from Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Poland.

Help from abroad

Michael Martens

Correspondent for Southeast European countries based in Vienna.

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In addition, Serbia provided three fire-fighting helicopters, Switzerland and Egypt two each.

Hastily created firebreaks should help prevent the flames from spreading to places in northern Euboea.

The small town of Istiaia in particular was threatened by the fires.,

In the particularly affected north of the island, parts of the population are dissatisfied with a reaction by the authorities that is perceived as being too late.

If fire-fighting planes had been used earlier, it is claimed that many fires would not have developed into huge rollers in the first place.

The government countered this by stating that many resources first had to be directed towards keeping the fire away from Athens, a city of four million.

Prime Minister Kyriakis Mitsotakis apologized for any omissions in a televised address: In Greece, 586 fires broke out within a few days, and in more than 60 cases places had to be evacuated as a precautionary measure. The priority of government action was the protection of human life. "We may have done everything humanly possible, but in many cases that doesn't seem to have been enough in this unequal battle against nature."