The Regional Health Agency and the Prefecture of Nouvelle-Aquitaine announced in a press release the triggering of the White Plan in the region.

The departments most affected in this territory remain those on the coast, according to the same press release. 

The White Plan was triggered on Tuesday in all health establishments in Nouvelle-Aquitaine because of the health situation linked to Covid which exposes "the hospital system to risks of saturation", announced the ARS and the prefecture in a press release .

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the 4th region to apply this measure after Corsica, Paca and Occitanie.

The implementation of the White Plan should allow "to anticipate and to be able to equip a sufficient number of beds to absorb the new hospitalizations which will occur in the coming days", specifies the press release.

It reports "a very active circulation of the virus" with for the period from August 1 to 7 "an incidence rate of 198.9 / 100,000 inhabitants, well above the alert threshold of 50 / 100,000 inhabitants ".

595 patients hospitalized in the region

"The most affected departments remain those of the coast (Gironde: 284.8, Pyrénées-Atlantiques: 280.8, Landes: 220.4 and Charente-Maritime: 213.9)", very busy in summer, according to the press release .

"The impact of these high incidence rates having an impact 2 to 3 weeks later on hospitalizations, their increase should continue. As of August 9, 595 patients are hospitalized for Covid-19 in the region, including 122 in services of critical care (i.e. in one week + 107 hospitalized patients and + 45 patients treated in critical care services), detail the regional health agency and the prefecture.