It was found that 28 people, including domestic contractors and volunteers from the Tokyo Olympics, and people from overseas, were newly infected with the new coronavirus.

From the 1st of last month to the 8th of the last day of the Olympic Games, the total number of infected people was 458.

The Games Organizing Committee announced on the 9th, one night after the closing of the Olympic Games, that 28 new people tested positive for the new Corona.

There are no athletes among them, and the number of people who came to Japan from overseas is 5 people involved in the tournament, 1 media person, and 1 contractor of the tournament, totaling 7 people, of which 1 person related to the tournament is a player. He was a person staying in the village.

From the 1st to the 8th of last month, the total number of infected athletes and related persons from overseas was 151, and the cumulative number of people staying in the Olympic Village was 34.

In addition, 12 new infections were confirmed among people living in Japan, including 12 contractors for the Games, 6 volunteers, 2 staff members of the Organizing Committee, and 1 person involved in the Games, for a total of 21 people. was.

As a result, the total number of infected people related to the Olympic Games, compiled by the Organizing Committee, is 458 in Japan and overseas.