Chinanews client, Beijing, August 9th (Reporter Ren Siyu) According to the cover news report, the famous actor and "Xie Dajiao" in the TV series "Country Love", Yu Yuexian, died in a car accident on August 9 in Alashan, Inner Mongolia. .

  According to people familiar with the matter, on the morning of August 9, 2021, Yu Yuexian and his party were filming in Inner Mongolia. When they were out of town due to an accident due to excessive speed, they were pronounced dead because of their injuries.

  Youku, the broadcasting platform of "Rural Love", confirmed the news to a reporter from

Data map: Yu Yuexian.

  Yu Yuexian was born in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on April 24, 1971. He graduated from Class 92 of the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama and is an actor in Tianjin People's Art Theater.

She has participated in many well-known film and television dramas, such as "Water Margin", "Country Love", "Green Mountains, Green Waters and Red Days", "A Man in Forty Is Getting Married", and "The Story of A Journey to the West".

  People are most familiar with her role than "Xie Dajia" in the 15 TV series of "Country Love".

"Country Love".

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  "Rural Love" premiered in 2006. Yu Yuexian's "Xie Dajiao" played in the play has a pungent character, bold and kind heart, and is loved by many audiences.

  She often expresses her deep affection for "Country Love" on Weibo. In her opinion, this drama is different from other works. Every year of reunion is a gathering of old friends. Bigfoot Supermarket is a happy station. Every time when filming, everyone gathers at Bigfoot Supermarket, which is very lively.

  "With this drama for more than ten years, the audience and I are like neighbors, friends, colleagues, relatives, let us grow old together..."

"Country Love".

  On July 20, 2021, when the filming of "Rural Love 15" was completed, Yu Yuexian posted on Weibo stating that "there will be a period":

  "After 15 years, I thank the audience and friends for their company and love. There is no need to say a thousand words of love in my heart. Thank you for supporting the "Country Love" series. Thank you for your support. The company of adults is slowly changing together. Old, the children will grow up with the company! In this beautiful era, we will walk into our country life in the play, and savor the joy of the farmers."