Due to the indirect effect of Typhoon No. 9 'Lupit', it is raining heavily on the east coast right now.

In Jumunjin Port, Gangneung, a heavy rain warning has been issued, and it is raining heavily, and as you can see behind me, the waves are hitting high.

It seems that it is raining heavily in the center of Ulleungdo in another area. As a result, a typhoon advisory has been issued for the far east and south seas, and the wind is blowing very strongly along with a storm warning centering on the east and south seas.

From now on, it is expected that up to 30 to 80 mm of rain will fall mainly in Yeongdong, Gangwon, and it is expected that it will rain by today, at least 5 mm in Yeongseo of Gangwon and inland south of Chungcheong, and up to 60 mm in many places.

In Seoul and other metropolitan areas, there will be a lot of clouds while a heat wave warning is issued, and the heat wave will continue.

Today's daytime temperature is expected to rise to 33 degrees in Seoul, Cheongju and Daejeon, and 32 degrees in Jeonju and Busan.

Tomorrow, showers are expected across the country.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)