It is now possible to see Ariana Grande with a shotgun in her hand.

Rest assured, the singer has not become a pro weapons activist in the United States but her avatar has just appeared in



This weekend, she performs some of her songs as part of the 

Rift Tour

 put forward by the video game publisher, Epic Games, to show her opening strategy.

Five times, to target all time zones, players will be able to choose an option that will allow them to have a bit of adventure with the artist, drawn as a half-human, half-fantasy character in a short blue scale outfit or a silver set.

During the streak, which lasts less than half an hour, several Ariana Grande songs are played, such as

Be Alright



, one of the 28-year-old's latest hits, who won two Grammy Awards in his career.

At the same time, several items bearing the image of the singer made their entry into the game store.

An experience already tested

Epic Games had already launched such experiments, by integrating the American rap star Travis Scott, in April 2020, or the Brazilian football star Neymar earlier this year. Aim of this strategy, not to be satisfied with being a game of shooting and survival, but to take on the appearance of an entertainment platform.

"This is a huge area where we want to innovate, because


must continue to exist alongside the real world," Epic Games brand director Phil Rampulla told AFP.

“We are not replacing concerts, nor films.

We are in harmony with these things, we extend and improve them, ”he said.

A real phenomenon for years among video game fans,


claims some 350 million gamers worldwide.


Is “Fortnite” fast becoming the concert hall (and cinema) of the future?


Epic Games is losing fortunes in order to guarantee exclusives on its Store

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