The rapid spread of the new coronavirus has led to a rapid increase in the number of people forced to undergo medical treatment at home, and health centers in Tokyo have lent out a "pulse oximeter" to measure how much oxygen is being taken into the body. We are working to see if there are any changes.

In Tokyo, the number of people receiving medical treatment at home has risen to 18,000, which is the largest number ever, and in Katsushika Ward, the number has increased 19 times to more than 700 people compared to the same period last month, and the health center is strengthening its support system. ..

In order to check if there is any change in the physical condition of the people who are undergoing medical treatment, we have secured 780 "pulse oximeters" that measure the amount of oxygen taken into the body and lent them to the medical treatment staff. Was preparing for mailing.

However, once rented out, it cannot be used immediately for disinfection, etc., and we are rushing to prepare because it will be insufficient unless we increase the number of units.

Since it is difficult to buy food during medical treatment, we also provide food support, but the rapid increase in the number of home care recipients has made it difficult to keep up with the preparations for shipping food from the city.

In the ward, staff from other departments will join in during the three consecutive holidays to continue checking the health status of home care recipients.

Ayumi Kiyoko, director of the Katsushika Ward Health Center, said, "It's hard to be hospitalized, I can't even get into hotel medical treatment, and the number of home medical treatment is rising almost every day. It is difficult to catch people who suddenly get sick in a difficult situation that has already exceeded that. Anyway, it is difficult to reduce the number of newly infected people, so act with as few people as possible or wear a mask. I want you to be thorough. "