At JR Niigata Station, where the Obon holiday period has begun and people returning home visit, on the 7th, Niigata Prefecture officials called for thorough measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

Before the ticket gate of the Joetsu Shinkansen at JR Niigata Station, the staff of Niigata Prefecture raised a panel saying, "The number of infected people is increasing in the prefecture. Please refrain from going out unnecessarily." We called for thorough infection prevention measures.

Niigata Prefecture plans to make such a call at Niigata Station and Niigata Airport on the 12th of this month.

Mr. Misao Fujii, Chief of the Transportation Policy Division of Niigata Prefecture, said, "The number of people is smaller than usual, but I feel that it is higher than last year. Please cooperate in preventing the spread of infection."

In addition, a woman from Shizuoka Prefecture said, "Since my son, a college student, has never returned home since he got a job, I came to see him from Shizuoka. Basically, I'm thinking of spending time in my son's apartment." I was talking.

In Niigata Prefecture, the spread of the new coronavirus infection continues, mainly in Niigata City, and on the 7th, 40 people were confirmed to be infected, the highest number ever in Niigata City.

Niigata Prefecture will issue a prefecture-specific "special warning" to Niigata City on the 5th of this month, requesting restaurants in the city to shorten business hours from the 10th of this month.