Today (8th), the cauldron heat will prevail.

With a heat wave warning issued across the country, the daytime temperature in Seoul will be 34 degrees, slightly higher than yesterday.

In this hot weather, there are shower forecasts everywhere, but you need to be aware of this as strong shower clouds may occur locally, mainly in the central inland.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Rupit is moving eastward in the waters northwest of Okinawa.

Late this afternoon, it seems that the typhoon will pass the distant sea south of Jeju Island and gradually head towards Japan. Although it will not directly affect Korea, a strong east wind will blow and heavy rain will pour mainly on the east coast.

The amount of rain expected by tomorrow is more than 150mm in the east coast, and 5-40mm in Yeongseo, southern Chungcheongbuk-do, and eastern Jeollabuk-do, and 10 to 70mm of rain is expected to fall in other southern regions.

Because of this, various preliminary warnings have been issued, and there will be strong winds and swell waves on the coast until tomorrow.

The rain and wind will continue through tomorrow, so please be careful. 

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)