The Tokyo District Court has convicted a fine of 500,000 yen to a former managing director of the Japan Swimming Federation, who was accused of violating the Stoker Control Law for repeatedly sending documents that slandered a woman who was a subordinate.

The convicted was Yoshinobu Shidara, a 61-year-old former managing director of the Japan Swimming Federation, who was demoted from the federation in January last year for harassment and resigned.

Former Managing Director Shitara said that from March to July last year after his resignation, he sent a document to the woman who was a subordinate to disgrace the woman because of the resentment that her romantic feelings were not satisfied. I was charged with violating the regulatory law.

In the trial, the former managing director admitted that he had sent the document, but claimed that he had no romantic feelings, but in the judgment, Judge Tota Akamatsu of the Tokyo District Court said, "Sexual harassment of the victim who had a favor. It is probable that he had raised a grudge because he was declared to have received it and was forced to resign. "

After that, he sentenced him to a fine of 500,000 yen according to the prosecution's request, saying that "the document contains words that slander the victim's appearance and is malicious."

In response to the ruling, the Japan Swimming Federation announced that it was "extremely disappointing and regrets all the victims and will further promote compliance with all officers and employees of the Federation."