Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., better known as TI, tells


that his arrest in Amsterdam last week "was hugely inflated".

The rapper was arrested by the police after he drove his bicycle through a red light.

TI landed back in Los Angeles on Wednesday after vacationing with his wife Tiny in Amsterdam.

At the airport, he told the entertainment site that "there wasn't that much going on".

"As I said before, I was very surprised at the relaxed approach of the Amsterdam police officers, who did not even attempt to draw their weapons. Which in itself would not have been necessary for such a minor violation, but here in You should immediately fear America for your life. That was an eye opener," says TI

He continues: "The fact that the officers and I couldn't understand each other caused miscommunication. I didn't understand the accent of the officer who spoke to me, it was a kind of mix of English with Dutch, at least I think. I didn't immediately think he was a cop."

According to the forty-year-old musician, this is a big contrast with his home country. "In America, these kind of men come up with a little more fanfare, so to speak. Then you immediately know that it is wrong and now I was actually received quite nicely. I was not handcuffed and was allowed to get in the car myself. That's us. not used to in America."