Drummer Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones will not participate in the upcoming US tour due to his health.

The British rock band announced this on Wednesday.

According to Watts, he must recover from a medical procedure, without going into further details.

The eighty-year-old musician will be replaced by Steve Jordan, who previously worked with guitarist Keith Richards.

"Charlie has had a successful procedure, but his doctors conclude that he must now rest and recover. With rehearsals starting in a few weeks, it is very unfortunate. Frankly, no one saw this coming," the group said in a statement. statement.

Watts has been with the group since its founding in 1962.

According to the drummer, his 'timing' has been out of order lately.

"I'm working hard to get fit, but today I had to accept the advice of experts that this could take a while."

The drummer emphasizes that he did not want the tour postponed or canceled and has therefore himself put Jordan forward as his replacement.

The Rolling Stones tour kicks off October 17 in Los Angeles.