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Prouder than ever

Although Kim Feenstra says she is "not as tight in her skin as two years ago", she is "proud than ever of her body".

"For I have carried a child".

The model calls on women not to compare themselves with others and not to be so harsh.

"Not for yourself, not for me, for him or for her."

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From the old box

Samantha Steenwijk shares a photo from the archive on Wednesday.

The black and white photo shows the singer as a teenager with Anky van Grunsven.

"As a twelve-year-old horse girl, this was of course my greatest hero and secretly still a bit."

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A dream car

Britt Dekker's dream has come true: she has been given a new horse truck and none other than her own horse George is depicted on the side.

"George thinks it's crazy to see himself so big," said the presenter on Instagram.

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Each his own job

Edsilia Rombley, her husband Tjeerd Oosterhuis and good friend Berget Lewis have been cooking delicious


for their guests and as it is on holiday: when one cooks, the other washes the dishes.

And that's how Linda de Mol and her husband got their hands dirty.

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Wine tasting for two

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey are on a road trip together, sharing several photos of their adventures.

For example, they did a wine tasting.

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in 5 days

Who keeps what...

Maik de Boer is happy: the high-waisted trousers are back in fashion and he still has them from the eighties.

His father taught him years ago: whoever keeps what has what.

Because if you wait long enough, it will come back into fashion.

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Add a dog

Rachel Hazes has had a strange day: on the beach of Barcelona she discovered a few girls who were playing with a dog, but after an hour had had enough.

The dog had just been purchased, but Rachel was offered to buy over.

The widow of André Hazes immediately knew that this puppy was not allowed to go with those girls and so she now has a dog.

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Due to the rain

Beau van Erven Dorens and his family are on a cycling holiday in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the weather is not so good.

"Wet, but so beautiful," the presenter writes on Instagram.

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In full uniform

The Finnish singer Tomi Putaansuu, better known as Mr.

Lordi, has received his second corona vaccine while wearing his full monster costume.

The striking images are widely shared on social media.


Lordi is the singer and founder of Lordi, the Finnish rock band that won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.

"They put a needle in my arm and that's exactly what I came for," Putaansuu, 47, told Finnish broadcaster




"This was my second dose."

Eurovision winner Lordi gets Covid jab at 'pop-up' vaccination event https://t.co/pTkXYcLQgE


AuthorHarry ColeMoment of places17: 08 - August 2, 2021

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Trick with platinum

Maan and Snelle have received a double platinum record for their hit

Stay Sleeping


They received the award from illusionist Victor Mids, who played a trick for this.

The singer keeps a secret for a while how that exactly works: that can only be seen in the new season of Mids' program



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Stars congratulate Tony Bennett on 95th birthday

Tony Bennett will be congratulated on his 95th birthday on Tuesday by stars such as Alec Baldwin, Keith Richards and Robert De Niro.

"It's a shame I can't be there, but I'm up for shooting in Oklahoma with Marty (Martin Scorsese, ed.)," said De Niro.

"At 95, I couldn't have wished for better friends," said Bennett.

The singer recently announced that he suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

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Always use sunscreen

Hugh Jackman has had a piece of tissue removed from his nose, he says in his Instagram Stories.

It is being tested for skin cancer.

"Have your skin checked regularly, don't think it won't happen to you and above all: apply sunscreen," warns the 52-year-old actor.

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After a long time of hesitation,

Babette van Veen thought all those color codes were complicated and decided not to go on holiday.

But she saw one wonderful photo after another on social media and therefore decided to take the plane anyway.

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Slowly much better

Katja Schuurman has had miserable weeks: the presenter turned out to be infected with the corona virus and was quite sick of it.

Fortunately, she is now doing a bit better and she dares to say that things are slowly going in the right direction.

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Yolanda Hadid is homesick

Yolanda Hadid misses her homeland.

She looks back on her previous holiday in the Netherlands on Instagram.

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The new Einstein 

Dave Roelvink and his girlfriend Jazzlyn were surprised today while making a 4D ultrasound.

The doctor said that their unborn son has 94 percent brain capacity, while the average percentage is 50.

"Hahaha, we get a genius. There it is, the first 4D photo of my little gabber", writes the proud father with the photo.

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Just the two of you?

Chantal Janzen and her husband take a quiet moment during their vacation to take a romantic picture together.

Their moment is soon 'disturbed' by son Bobby, who also wants to conquer a spot on the porch swing.

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in 3 days

Big smack

Marieke Elsinga is on holiday and that makes her happy.

On Instagram, the presenter and radio DJ shares a kiss with her followers.

"Just a little kiss for your timeline."

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Enjoying each other and life

Lieke van Lexmond takes her followers on a wonderful holiday: spending a lot of time with the family, eating well and playing games.

According to the presenter, that is the best way to spend days off.

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33 years of friendship

Martien Meiland and his family had a wonderful evening: they celebrated 33 years of friendship with their friends.

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When you're in Vegas

In Las Vegas, not everything is at the level it was before the corona pandemic.

But if we are to believe Kevin Hart, there is at least enough to experience.

The comedian recommends an evening to his followers with singer Usher.

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Never drink again

Almost everyone who drinks alcohol knows it: that moment when you promise yourself never to drink again.

Geraldine Kemper is also familiar with this feeling and she knows that a glass of wine often follows somewhere.

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Four ice creams in 24 hours

If you're in Italy, take it, Dotan must have thought.

The singer was in Rimini for a performance and couldn't resist buying an ice cream.

It went so well that it ended up being four.

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