Kanye West definitely doesn't do things by halves.

For several hours, Apple Music has been broadcasting a completely crazy live in which we observe the rapper, locked in a room at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta.

Accompanied by his team, he finalizes his album


live there

, which is scheduled for release on Friday (if all goes well).

But that's not all.

The event seems to be broadcast to the four corners of the planet, according to GPS coordinates indicated on the website dedicated to the rapper.

In France, they indicate two places in particular: the Paris Stock Exchange in the 2nd arrondissement and a city in the Paris region.

A live in the heart of Paris, but without the sound

In Paris, a giant screen has been installed on the forecourt of the Bourse since Wednesday evening, in front of the columns of the building. As on the Apple Music live, he broadcasts there the capture of Kanye West's room with a fixed camera, without sound, so impossible to discover the new titles before the release of the album. Located just at the top of the image, appears a count (also visible on the Internet), which should come to an end around midnight in Atlanta, six in the morning in France. Followed by the broadcast of a concert? Unlikely.

Some media argued this Thursday that a public listening session was scheduled at 3.30am French time, on the night of Thursday to Friday, referring to the information indicated with the GPS coordinates on the site: “Public Live Streaming Events 8.4.2021 9 : 30pm (EDT) ”.

A date and a time that could rather correspond to the beginning of the Apple live.

Contacted by Interlude, the production of the event in Paris also indicated "that it was impossible to broadcast such an event at 3 am in Paris".

In addition, on site we are told that only silent images will be broadcast, no sound broadcast is planned.

“It's a fake!


And in the Paris region?

The contact details refer to a film studio located in the town of Auvers-Saint-Georges in Essonne.

Contacted by

20 Minutes

, the studio says that no event related to the release of this album is planned.

Same story on the side of the town hall.

“It's a fake!

», We are told.

Fearing the extent that the rumor could take, the town hall was preparing a traffic order in mid-afternoon on Thursday, for fear of seeing a considerable number of Kanye West fans disembark for this fictitious event.

The best is perhaps still to wait until Friday and to listen quietly to this new album at home, if the rapper allows it.


Kanye West squats at Atlanta stadium where he presented "Donda"


Kim Kardashian was present while listening to Kanye West's new album

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