A 23-year prison sentence and possibly at least as much on top of it: Harvey Weinstein has already been tried in New York, but he is now also awaiting a trial in the American state of California.

As a result, he could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison.

What exactly is this case about?

Nice to know:

  • Harvey Weinstein was a major film producer of such blockbusters as Sin City, Shakespeare in Love and The Lord of The Rings.

  • In early 2017, he was first accused of sexual abuse, dozens of other charges soon followed.

  • A year and a half later, Weinstein is arrested and officially charged.

  • In February 2020, the jury in New York will decide: Weinstein will be found guilty of assault and rape and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

  • Weinstein immediately announces his intention to appeal.

Harvey Weinstein allegedly assaulted

five women

between 2004 and 2013


There are 11 charges against the film producer: he is charged four times with rape, four times with coercion into oral sex, twice with performing sexual acts against someone's will while that person is tied up and once with sexual penetration by force.

Weinstein was extradited to California for the trial

, but objected to it in advance: the film producer says he has serious health problems and that he is basically unable to travel.

Weinstein struggles with diabetes and heart problems.

The judge did not see sufficient evidence that the move is dangerous and took him to the state in the west of America anyway.

The former producer has always denied assaulting and raping women.

He also did that during the first hearing of the case in California.

In addition, his lawyers have asked the judge to dismiss three points, because they are time-barred;

however, the judge refused.

Weinstein does not want the evidence in the case to be made public.

Weinstein's lawyers believe that this could potentially manipulate the jury prior to the case.

"From the time the first charges were leveled — before any charges in New York or California — the press hysteria led to the Weinstein name being equated with guilt and abuse," his lawyers said.

A follow-up date for the lawsuit has not yet been determined.

Weinstein could be sentenced to a total of 140 years in prison.

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