A 45-year-old Chinese was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for smuggling more than 8 kilograms of stimulants from the United States and about 500 million yen worth of smuggling at the end.

It means that he has denied the charges against the investigation.

The person arrested was Zhang, a 45-year-old Chinese national, who is a member of the "Chinese Dragon," a bad group made up of second-generation orphans remaining in China.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in November, it was suspected of violating the Stimulants Control Law, alleging that it smuggled more than 8 kg of stimulants from the state of California in the United States and the equivalent of 480 million yen at the terminal smuggling price.

Customs inspection found that stimulants were hidden in the luggage that arrived at Narita Airport, and two people, including the luggage receiver, were arrested and charged last year, but Zhang ordered smuggling in a subsequent investigation. It turns out that there is a suspicion that he did.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the smuggling route and organizational background in detail because it denied the charges such as "I do not remember" to the investigation.